What Is a Love Slap On TikTok? @scottdhenry TikTok Trend Went Viral

What Is a Love Slap On TikTok? @scottdhenry TikTok Trend Went Viral

What Is a Love Slap On TikTok? @scottdhenry TikTok Trend Went Viral

We were already running high on TikTok trends and challenges and already we have a new TikTok trend in the town. A TikTok user who goes as @scottdhenry on TikTok has created a brand new TikTok trend. Scott’s new TikTok trend is called the love slap trend on TikTok.

And you know what, the ‘love slap’ challenge on TikTok is already viral. That was expected. After all, challenges and trends what keep the internet busy these days, or we could for a long time now. Do you know what the love slap TikTok challenge is? Find out what Love Slap on TikTok really is.

What is Love Slap on TikTok?

TikTok has sown way for some bizarre and absurd challenges like the Tape Challenge. Like literally, TikTok users were going shirtless exposing their upper body for a mere TikTok challenge. The Tape Challenge was really bizarre. But, Love Slap on TikTok is quite adorable and you might want to give it a try too.

We all are used to love and slap, but when love and slap come together it might confuse some. If you are confused about what a Love Slap trend on TikTok is, trust us, you are not alone there, friend. Many are clueless what Love Slap on TokTok really means. But Love Slap is not rocket science. 


##duet with @scottdhenry YOU’VE BEEN LOVE SLAPPED ##SCOTTCOMEBACK ##loveslap ##lovewins ##positivity ##spreadjoy ##fyp ##missyou

♬ original sound – Scott Henry

TikTok user @scottdhenry did a live stream on TikTok. Once his TikTok live stream got over thousands of followers, he picked another person’s live stream randomly and then asked other users to bombard that person’s live stream, whom he picked, with hearts and love. This is all there is to know about Love Slap on TikTok.

What does Love Slap mean on TikTok? Love Slap meaning Explained

With Scott asking TikTok users to bombard other person’s live stream with hearts and loves, what could it mean? It simply means to send lots and lots of love to that person. This just seems a way to send love to another person.

Urban Dictionary has described Love Slap as the way of showing love for family or loved ones by the act of making them across the face. This means you can Love Slap your friends, your girlfriend, your mother, or any loved ones. This is really one good thing to find on TikTok these days, isn’ it?

So, if you are missing someone and what to send them your concerns and love, just write them Love Slap. So, whenever you come across Love Slap, you now know what it could mean, right?

@scottdhenry TikTok Trend Went Viral, but Why?

TikTok is filled with some bizarre and some unwanted stuff, to be frank. And when you getting something like Love Slap, that’s so realistic and full of love and caring, it is obvious the internet will go crazy over it. Love Slap is very simple, still, an effective way to spread and express love to someone on social media. 

It could be easy to discourage and look down upon someone on social media. Social media can often be harsh to many. Social media is full of bullies. But, to bring simple through social media, it really sounds great. With mere Love Slap, if you can bring some positivity to another person’s life, it is a good thing.

To make one feel a litter better, Love Slap does pull off a good job. Such positivity will clearly be embraced by many. It is only natural that the @scottdhenry TikTok trend went viral on social media. 

Speaking of Scott, you can find him on TikTok as @scottdhenry. He is also active on Instagram. His real name is Scott Henry.

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