What is Randonauting On TikTok Mean? Randonauting Meaning and Definition Explained

What is Randonauting On TikTok Mean? Randonauting Meaning and Definition Explained
What is Randonauting On TikTok Mean? Randonauting Meaning and Definition Explained

What does Randonauting On TikTok Mean? This might be your question if you happened to have stumbled upon this word on TikTok just recently. But, guess what, many TikTokers have followed this trend and actually have many things to say about the whole Randonauting thing

However, before you plunge into these TikTok videos, you might want to get a head start about what Randonauting really means. And, then, maybe if you find it interesting, you can try it out yourselves. But, let us just warn you, things have not turned out well for everyone who has done this. 

What does Randonauting On TikTok Mean?

The word Randonauting really means is making the use of random number generation techniques. And, this helps in creating specific coordinates on the earth that lets you travel unexplored places in real. Sounds quite exhilarating and scary at the same time, right?


Even if you have done anything adventurous so far, we are certain that this will top your list. Well, we are not advising you to go out and do it. But only after having proper knowledge and knowing about the risks involved, you may want to have this experience.

It definitely looks like the thing you want to do get out of this boring lockdown for a while. Maybe that’s why several TikTokers seem to be doing this thing and are posting their storytime about it

Randonauting Meaning and Definition Explained

Well, we know Randonauting might be a new concept to many. And, it can be a little too hard to get the true essence of what this is all about. Many people have stated many definitions regarding this.

To put it simply, it is a way of transforming your same old routine into an adventure by employing the random number generation techniques. And, it lets you go to places you have never been before around your neighborhood. Likewise, this first came to be known to people as a result of the Fatum Project.

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Anyone who knows me knows I love freaky stuff, aliens, the idea of the matrix, paranormal stuff and anything that gets you saying “wtf?!”. Yesterday I was introduced to an app called Randonautica. It’s an app that generates a random set of coordinates within a set radius of your current location, the idea is that as the app is doing this you think of your intention, it could be “money”, “clarity” or “a void”. We chose “something red and blue”. The app set coordinates nearly an hours walk away, after watching a few videos of some peoples experiences doing this I decided we had to check it out. We followed a path but weren’t sure which way we were meant to be going so carried on straight, we looked at the map and saw we hadn’t chosen the right path so turned around and on the floor was a BLUE piece of plastic in the shape of an arrow, pointing us in the right direction…weird. Then a while down the path we saw a BLUE checked hankie in the middle of a bush, a random RED brick wall and someone walked past us wearing a RED and BLUE checked shirt and BLUE shorts! We weren’t sure whether to carry on when a man walking his dog walked in the direction we were meant to go, his dog had a RED lead. We kept seeing RED and BLUE cars in pairs and eventually ended up in Calenick, again unsure which way to go we spotted a BLUE arrow painted on a pole which was pointing in the direction of the location. When we got to the final spot it was a hedge, at the bottom of the hedge was a BLUE paint marker and an empty packet of crisps with RED on them. I can’t wait for my next Randonautica adventure! I really suggest watching videos on peoples experiences with it and then giving it a go yourself too ❤️💙 #randonautica #randonauting #random #adventure #coincidence #synchronicity #red #blue #quantum #coordinates #weird #freaky #wtf #thematrix #like4like #follow4follow

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Mostly the people who have used Randonauting did it to experiment with quantum mechanics and consciousness. However, it does seem like the advancing technology has made it way easier for people to Randonaut. With just access to phones and the internet, anyone could do this.

And, the thing is, with coronavirus-induced lockdown, people seem to be more than interested to get into Randonauting. With that, TikTokers have also shared their experience of Randonauting. So, you guys can go check out some of these TikToks if you want to know more about it.

A TikTok Video Showed Body Found In Suitcase Seattle

A TikTok video of teenage girls got out where they find a dead body in a suitcase in Seattle. This video got viral and it was found out that these girls were using the Randonautica app. And, that is how they had ended up in that beach in the first place.

The video clearly shows them finding a suitcase lying on the beach. Joking they might get a hold of some money in that suitcase, they go and open it. But, when they do open the suitcase, the awful smell scares them. And, they call the police.


Something traumatic happened that changed my life checkkkk 😐🥺 @natthecvt ##fyp ##viral ##crime ##murder ##randonautica ##randonauting ##scary ##washington

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So, from this, you guys are smart enough to make out that you might not always have a pleasant experience when you do Randonauting. Therefore, you have got to have some backup plan in case things go the wrong way.

More Facts About The Randonauting Incident

Many people are thinking that it is weird and disturbing that Randonauting led these kids to that place. However, some believe that the serial killer in Seattle is behind the dead body that was found at the beach. 

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