What Is Shellsea Fish Hooks TikTok? Card And Challenge Explained

What Is Shellsea Fish Hooks TikTok? Challenge Explained

What Is Shellsea Fish Hooks TikTok? Challenge Explained

Shellsea Fish Hooks is now a trendy TikTok challenge. Here is everything you need to know.

It is common for people to revive the old cartoon characters in Tiktok. Now, Miss Shellsea from Fish Hooks has become a part of the trend, and we love it!

The challenge is known as the “Shellsea Fish Hooks.” It brings the nostalgic character back to life.

What Is Shellsea Fish Hooks TikTok? Card And Challenge Explained

Shellsea Fish Hooks is a Tiktok challenge where users make impressions of Shellsea from Fish Hooks.

The trend features the iconic line by Shellsea, “Go get’em, girl…then bring him back here so he can sit on my lap.” At the end of the Shellsea Fish Hooks Tiktok challenge, people paste the card with Sellsea’s grinning smile and full makeup eyes over their own face. 


go get him gUuUrl 😌 ib @horababylon ##fishhookscosplay ##shellsea ##fishhooks

♬ shellsea is iconic – fishhooks

The trend has gone viral all over!

The audio “Shellsea is iconic” has over 12.4K videos to date. Even Addison Rae, the highest-earning Tiktoker, has posted the challenge. 

Though many have done the trend, Tiktok user @horababylon is regarded as the pioneer in Shellsea clips. He mostly creates videos on Seashell’s voice-overs and has even updated his bio as “Currently Shellsea.”

Shellsea Fish Hooks TikTok Meme Meaning

Shellsea Fish Hooks Memes in Tiktok just show the sassy side of Shellsea. 

Shellsea is a Jewel fish and a close friend to Bea from Fish Hook. She is an independent, straight-minded character who is not afraid to give her opinion. She has pink skin with purple hair, fins, and a tail.

With her personality and looks, everyone is a fan of Shellsea!


c’mon! ##fishtales ##funny ##shellsea ##MyColoredHair ##JuntosImparables

♬ shellsea is iconic – fishhooks

The now Tiktok famous audio was first showcased in an episode of Fish Hook. Though the cartoon aired its final episode in 2014, Shellsea continues to live in hearts.  Furthermore, there are many other memes and audio of Shellsea.

The hashtag #shellseafishhooks alone has over 26.3 million views.

How To Do The Shellsea Fish Hooks Challenge?

The Shellsea Fish Hooks Challenge in Tiktok is quite easy to do. 

Here is a Step By Step Guide:

  1. Crop Shellsea’s eyes and mouth beforehand
  2. Open the Tiktok app and get the Shellsea is iconic audio.
  3. Start filming and lipsync the line by exaggerating your facial expressions.
  4. After the line is complete, give a smile to the camera
  5. Now, paste Shellsea’s previously cropped eyes and mouth in your face when the line is complete
  6. Upload the video to blow up

Likewise, you can also add background and chose not to add the cropped eyes and mouth at the end. In fact, you can show your talent and wear makeup like Shellsea herself.

Furthermore, the most crucial element is a little bit of saas and style like Shellsea. 

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