What is Starseed TikTok Trend? Meaning Explained

Unicole Unicron: What is Starseed TikTok Trend? Meaning Explained

Unicole Unicron: What is Starseed TikTok Trend? Meaning Explained

Unicole Unicorn is a Pop Star Cult Leader and this is the definition she has given to herself. She has said that she’s a cult leader on her Instagram bio and is getting a lot of attention on Tik Tok because of her unique ideas about starseeds and alien consciousness. Unicole is also a singer whenever she gets some free time from being a cult leader.

Unicole insists that she is a starseed- which she defines in her own way as special creatures who are actually an alien consciousness born into a human body. And according to Unicole, starseeds have a pretty hard life because no one understands them.

It sure is interesting to look into her persona because it could be an example of what line would people reach to fit in. Also, she could be making a persona that people could find amusing and get behind so that she can capitalize on that.

What Is Starseed TikTok Trend?

Starseed trend is a trend that became famous on TikTok after a person named Unicole Unicorn made a video about it. Pretty soon, people began reacting to her video- some reacting positively and some making fun of her. Pretty soon, she gathered about 12 thousand followers on Instagram.

Starseeds are apparently are alien consciousness who was born into a human form. Tik Tokers who believe in the concept of starseed have claimed that starseeds are reincarnated beings who led another life on another planet in their previous life.

Starseeds also have a double mission- to raise their frequency and the frequency of the planet as well.


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♬ Starseed – SheisL1

@aurora.moonstone has made this video using #starseedawakening and some other hashtags which and she tells you about finding out if you are a Starseed or not.

It might sound pretty wacky in the beginning but it is a legitimate cult at this point. So, I guess it’s normal if you feel this doesn’t make any sense at all.

Who Is Unicole Unicorn? Starseed Cult Leader

Unicole Unicorn is the leader of the Starseed movement or this trend. She looks like a normal girl but her ideas are bold and very edgy. She believes that she is a starseed and explains about being a starseed on her Instagram and Youtube channel as well.

As you can see, she looks like a  pretty normal person. But she has an edge and no, it’s not the sword she’s holding, it’s her radical ideas. It seems to me that she has used this persona as a means to gain more followers.

She presents these ideas of a lonely outsider and old soul personalities as symptoms of being a starseed and claims to help them through her videos.

What this does is that the lonely kids who are feeling unwanted find refuge in her videos and follow her. And she has set up merchandise and seels items to the followers of her cult. It’s a very smart idea to gain followers and sky-rocket your merch sales.

StarSeed Meaning Explained

The concept of Starseed has been explored by the internet, the followers, and lots of people. There is one bunch whose members believe in the starseeeds and members of this bunch claim to be a starseed. They make videos about being a starseed and help other people find out if they are also a starseed.

Meanwhile, there are people who are thinking of this cult critically and saying that these people are just depressed and outsiders.

It also makes sense that some people would feel so much of an outsider that they would create a concept of a reincarnated powerful consciousness inside of them, just to make themselves feel better.

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