What is This Challenge All About?

Ab Workout Prank TikTok Explained: What is This Challenge All About?
Ab Workout Prank TikTok Explained: What is This Challenge All About?

Ab Workout Challenge is a new TikTok challenge that’s getting people laughing and jacked up at the same time. This hilarious prank started in TikTok and has caught on fire as there are 369 million views on videos with “#abchallenge”. It’s a prank that looks like a workout at the surface and people are seriously digging this.

The prank is done to your “significant other” or someone you are really close with. The reason behind this is that one has to be physically in a compromising and funny position while doing this prank and you don’t want to be in that position with someone you aren’t that close with.

What Is Ab Workout Prank On TikTok 2020? 

Ab Workout Prank is a new way TikTokers are making funny relatable and enjoyable videos on TikTok. Most of the pranks are done by the girls to their husbands or boyfriends. Sometimes they might be doing it to their friends but most of the videos are women pranking men.


Tell your man you want to try a new ab workout and then do this 🤪 ##funny ##prank ##couplecomedy ##couplegoals ##jamsession ##learnfromme ##xyzbca ##fyp

♬ Wop (Official Version) – J. Dash

You can see this couple has made this absolutely hilarious video and this is exactly how the prank goes. First of all, you brief your man about the new workout that you want to try out and get them to grab your legs.

Meanwhile, your hands are down on the ground as if you are going to do some push-ups. Now that he has a firm grip on your legs and your legs are on his shoulders, it’s prank time!!!

You push your waist all the way up to your man’s face and do it a couple of times as shown on the above video. This makes for a really hilarious video.

What Is This Ab Workout Challenge All About?

Ab workout Challenge is all about working to get that gorgeous abs you have always dreamt of. It is the real thing. While Ab Workout Prank is all about celebrating your relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend, there are serious Ab Workout Challenges on TikTok.


I caved. ##abchallenge ##fyp ##foryourpage

♬ Hit Yo Rollie – ハハハハハ

These are the kind of videos that you see when you are watching the Ab Workout Challenge on TikTok. This girl is not fooling around. She is doing this exercise seriously. You can see different abs exercises done by people on TikTok.

There are definitely variations of exercises that you can do but the goal is the same. You do the real exercise to get your abs rather than pranking someone. Pranks are pranks but they don’t always enrich your lives continuously for a long time. But challenge takes you far.

Ab Workout Challenge Meaning On TikTok

Another kind of Ab Workout Challenge that’s popping out on TikTok is the challenge of balancing yourselves.


Oops we matching ##foryoupage ##fitness ##hard ##cool ##foryou ##curveball ##viral ##relatable ##challenge ##trend

♬ Rodeo – Lil Nas X & Cardi B

This is sort of a calm challenge as its not as hard as the real challenge and not as goofy and weird as the prank. Anyways, this is another kind of video that you get when looking up for “Ab challenge” on TikTok.

How To Do The Abs Workout Challenge On TikTok?

In order to do this Ab Workout challenge, you will need to find out what exercises work best to get the abs. Now, remember, we are not talking about the Ab Workout prank where you throw your butt to your boyfriend’s face.

You can search what exercises work best or you can just go another simple route which is to followTikTokers. You can see other people and replicate their exercises. 

You can look at this video and choose one of the exercises as all of these exercises are designed to get you glistening hot abs. Also, after you shoot the TikTok video, make sure you put a nice song in the background so that the video is enjoyable. 

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