Where Do Smithy Family Live? House Fire And Net Worth

TikTok Smithy Family House And Car Was Burned Down – Here Is An Update

TikTok Smithy Family House And Car Was Burned Down – Here Is An Update

The Smithy Family on Tiktok has lost their house on fire. Where Do They Live? Get insights on their net worth here.

The Smithy Family took to Tiktok to reveal about their house on Wednesday, July 14, 2021. They had to lose their house from a huge fire last night.

After hearing about their terrible news, tributes have been flooded on Twitter. Here are some more details we know about them.

TikTok: Where Do Smithy Family Live? 

The Smithy Family on Tiktok is a British family who lived in South London.

All the members in the house are famous for making comedy videos. They have racked over 2.5 million followers to date.

The Smithy Family is known for its lighthearted and funny skits in their neighborhood.

Their Tiktok account goes by username “thesmithyfamily. Until today it has amassed more than 268 million likes.

House On Fire: What had happened?

On July 15, 2021, Nick Smith from the family took to his TikTok to reveal the sad news.

According to Nick, their family was receiving harassment for months. 

In the clip, he is seen explaining the incident. He added that all his members are safe with no injuries.

Upon the incident, Nick blames two guys for setting the house on fire. However, he has not revealed further details about them.

Smith has further shared some clips after the devastation that the fire had caused.


♬ original sound – smithyfamily

Their Net Worth Details

The Smithy Family’s net worth details are not known.

However, many wiki-bio pages suggest their net worth to be more than $ 1 million.

Moreover, their earnings from Tiktok are speculated to be more than $50,000 as of 2021.

The Smithy Family Instagram Details

The Smithy Family is also receiving supports on Instagram.

They go by the username “thesmithyfamily” and have more than 213 thousand followers to date.

Family Members And Age

In The Smithy Family, there is a total of six members.

The family is run by Nick Smith who is a former builder by profession. He lives with his partner Jess Farthing and four children.

Their children are Amelia, Isabella, Teddy, and a baby born in June. They are often accompanied by Angela aka Nanny Smith, and Sare Murat who is Nick’s friend. Going by age, Amelia is six and Isabella is nine years old while Jess’ half brother Jack is 16



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