Where Is Scott Falater Now? Wikipedia, Wife Yarmila Falater, Daughter And Family

Where Is Scott Falater Now? Everything You Need To Know About The Sleepwalking Killer

Where Is Scott Falater Now? Everything You Need To Know About The Sleepwalking Killer

Even after 24 years of first-degree murder of wife Yarmila Falater, the case of sleepwalking murder by Scott Falater is still not forgotten, as people are still curious about where he is now.

Scott Falater, famously known as the sleepwalking killer is serving his life sentence in Yuma Prison Complex Cibola Unit in San Luis. He was imprisoned after stabbing his wife 44 times and drowning her in the pool in January 1997. The case of reported by his neighbor, who saw Falatter dragging his wife to the pool, stabbing her, and hiding the knife in his Volvo.

However, Falater claimed he was sleepwalking at that time and had absolutely no memory of the incident. The jury did not believe the story and sentenced him to life imprisonment with no possibility of parole.

Quick Facts: Where Is Scott Falater Now? Everything You Need To Know About The Sleepwalking Killer

Name Scott Falater
Gender Male
Height 70 inches
Weight 180 pounds
Nationality American
Wife Yarmila Falater
Children Micheal Falater (son) and a daughter
Education Master’s degree in Engineering

10 Facts About Scott Falater

  1. Scott Falater is serving his life sentence with no possibility of parole in Yuma Prison Complex, Arizona, USA, Heavy claims.
  2. Out of 69 cases of sleepwalking murder reported till 2005, the Falater case is one of the notable cases on the Wikipedia page for Homicidal Sleepwalking.
  3. Yarmila Falater was married to Scott Falater for 20 years. Allegedly, they did not have a happy marriage as there was a recurring dispute on the lack of the devotion of the wife on the latter’s Mormon belief and on having more children.
  4. Falater and his wife met in high school and were together ever since. According to him, the marriage was faithful and happy with no major dispute.
  5. Having worked as a counselor and teacher in the church, Falater has had the advantage of working as a tutor and library clerk in the prison.
  6. On 29th January 2021, the People’s magazine covered the story of Falater’s son Micheal Falatter reminiscing old days with his mother and regretting the unfortunate incident.
  7. Despite being eligible for the death sentence, Falater was kept alive due to the pleading of his son and daughter. 
  8. According to the prisoner of Yuma prison, Falater has been a good prisoner and has only had one minor infraction due to disobeying order in 2004 throughout his time in prison. 
  9. He is in medium custody, which is the lowest level of custody permitted to the first-degree murderer.
  10. To this date, Falater denies remembering any event of the incident of murder, he does not deny killing his wife though.

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