Who Are Dougherty Dozen Tiktok? Alicia Dougherty Job Age And Instagram

Alicia Dougherty And The Dougherty Dozen Are Viral On TikTok, Meet The Family

Alicia Dougherty And The Dougherty Dozen Are Viral On TikTok, Meet The Family

Dougherty Dozen are now a TikTok sensation after their videos went viral. Read below to learn about Alicia Dougherty‘s job age and Instagram.

Dougherty Dozen are the foster-adopt family of 12. They started posting videos on TikTok since the pandemic began.

Little did they realize they would become social media stars within a year. Now, their story has reached all over the globe.

Who Are Dougherty Dozen? Meet The Viral Family On TikTok

Dougherty Dozen are TikTok stars that have inspired prospective parents. They want more couples to adopt children from foster care.

In total, there are ten kids in the family. Among them, six are adopted, while four are the biological children of Alicia and Josh.

Reportedly, their TikTok username is @doughertydozen. The account has surpassed 1.2 million followers. Also, their videos have gained at least 26.8 million likes.


Have I mentioned there are 9 chickens too? 😂 ##LevelUp ##levelupchallenge re post ##LargeFamilyLiving ##FosterCareAdoption ##DoughertyDozen

♬ Level Up – Ciara

Well, Josh and his wife experienced 11 miscarriages before planning to adopt their first child, Alex. Six days later, Alicia was pregnant, and this time, they successfully gave birth to Zoey.

In 2013, they adopted their second son, James. A year later, the pair gave birth to Dash.

Later, Alicia and Josh adopted two more children – Jason and Jordan. Next, they gave birth to Bodhi and Harlee in two years.

Finally, the Dougherty family completed their set after adopting Patrick and Bree in 2019. Interestingly, they have a therapy dog who is their 13th member.

Meet Mother Of 10 Alicia Dougherty

Alicia Dougherty is the mother who takes care of the Dougherty family. When Josh is out for a job, she has to prepare lunch for a dozen.

Well, she and her other half always wanted to become parents. Now, they are ready to take on the challenge to make their kids happy.

It seems Alicia handles the family’s social media. Thus, most of the usernames are under her name.

What Job Does Alicia Dougherty Have?

Alicia Dougherty has taken a break from her job of teaching. Nevertheless, she is willing to work and take care of her house at the same time.

Interestingly, both the mother and father are special education teachers. So despite having a fantastic experience, it’s really hard for them to support such a huge family.

Currently, Alicia’s husband, Josh, works at Thornell Elementary School. Right now, they reside in Pittsford, New York.

Dougherty Dozen Family Members Age Revealed

Dougherty Doezen’s family consists of children aged 2 to 14 years old. But, we are unsure about Josh and Alicia’s age.

Moreover, they also have nine chickens in their home. Alicia has to get up as early as 5 AM to feed her infants.

Alicia is 40 years old whereas Josh is 42.. But, hopefully, the couples will reveal everything regarding their birthday.

Are Dougherty Dozen On Instagram?

Dougherty Dozen are on Instagram as @doughertydozen. They have almost 51.1 thousand followers.

Also, the family is on Facebook with just 2.3 thousand followers. Unfortunately, we cannot find a wiki to read their biography.

Nevertheless, they appeared on Inside Edition. Moreover, Good Morning America and the Drew Barrymore Show have covered their story.

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