Who Are Hend Zaza Parents? Father Mother And Religion

Table Tennis Hend Zaza Is The Youngest Of The Bunch, Meet 12-Year-Old Competing In The Olympics

Table Tennis Hend Zaza Is The Youngest Of The Bunch, Meet 12-Year-Old Competing In The Olympics

Who are Hend Zaza parents? She has booked her ticket to the Tokyo Olympics as the youngest athlete to compete.

Zaza is a Syrian Table tennis player. She plays for the Al-Muhafaza Table Tennis Club in Damascus. She has won national titles at all levels – hopes, cadets, junior and senior.

Zaza’s fame rocketed right off overnight in her war-torn country last year after beating a Lebanese rival in her forties to win the West Asia championships, which qualified her for the Olympics. The 12-year-old prodigy prepares to make her Olympics debut as the youngest athlete.

Who Are Hend Zaza Parents? Her Father And Mother Explored

Hend Zaza parents are Mr and Mrs Zaza. Their actual names, however, remain under the wraps for now.

Zaza is the youngest of five siblings, with four older siblings.

Her father is a former soccer player and now he is a gym teacher. Moreover, her mother is still away from the media attention.

She always credits her parents and her family for what she is achieving in her career. Her family has always given her enormous support since the early days.

Being the first Syrian table tennis player to win national titles at all levels, she said, “It is a gift for my country, my parents, and all my friends.”

She has a Coach named Adham Jumaan, who says he discovered Zaza when she was only five years old,  three years into Syria’s devastating civil war.

She was playing ping-pong with her older brother Obeida. his brother is a junior national table tennis champion.

Get To Know Her Religion

Hend Zaza follows the Islam religion.

Zaza is an adherent follower of the Muslim religion.

She was born and brought up in Hama, Syria, making her Syrian by nationality.

Hend Zaza Age And Height: How Old Tall?

Hend Zaza is so young and her age is 12.

The youngest athlete at Tokyo Olympics 2020 was born on 1st January 2009. Her zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Hend Zaza stands at a height of around 4 feet 8 inches.

Despite her young age, she is significantly tall with respect to her age group girls. She is set to shine in Tokyo Olympics.

Is She On Wikipedia Bio?

Hend Zaza Wikipedia is easy to access on the Web.

It’s always the moment of pride for being featured on the Wikipedia page. And Zaza who is just 12 has made it to the official page which is quite astonishing.

She attended an International table tennis Federation (ITTF) in Qatar with her older brother.

An avowed Harry Potter fan is set to make a big impact in Tokyo Olympics this summer.

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