Who Is Amanda Rushing? Wikipedia Net Worth And Husband

Who Is Amanda Rushing? Shock G Relationship Details

Who Is Amanda Rushing? Shock G Relationship Details

Were Amanda Rushing and Shock G in a relationship? Continue more to know about Shock G realtionship details

Shock G aka Gregory Jackob has always remained private about his relationship. The famous rapper died at age 57 on Thursday, April 22, 2021.

He is also known as the Humpty Hump of the hip-hop world, known as the frontman man of the group, Digital Underground.

After his demise, many people are taking deep into his love life. Before his death, the rapper had sent his last video to Amanda Rushing. Get to know who is her through his article.

Who is Amanda Rushing? Wikipedia 

A video was posted on social media on April 23, 2021, mentioning both Shock G and Amanda Rushing.

The video was posted by Amanda Rushing on youtube. The channel has 958 subscribers now.

In the video caption, Amanda has explained that Humpty Hump and she had a relationship, and the last time they saw each other is the time when the late rapper acted very rudely. It is reportedly in February 2021 and considered to be an apology video.

Amanda Rushing’s age is probably in the 50’s.

Rushing is not on Wikipedia yet. 

However, this is just a calculation made upon reading the youtube description. Believing, the fact that she was 19 years old in 1990.

Moreover, the description says that he wanted Amanda to share this video and is the last video sent by the late rapper to Amanda Rushing. 

Amanda Rushing Net Worth

Amanda Rushing’s net worth is not known.

She is available over the Instagram platform with the username “officialamandarushing”.

The account has 569 followers until now.

Amanda Rushing Husband

Amanda Rushing’s husband or marital information is not known.

According to her Instagram bio, she resides in LA and is a model, singer, and humanitarian. Lastly, she is also available over Tiktok with the username “officialamandarushing”.



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