Who is Anna Fazackerley? Wikipedia Age, Husband And Net Worth

Anna Fazackerley Wikipedia Age: Everything About the Journalist

Anna Fazackerley Wikipedia Age: Everything About the Journalist

Anna Fazackerley is a journalist who works with The Guardian. Her work is with the Times Educational Supplement. Stay with the article to find out more about her.

Anna is a journalist working with the Times Educational Supplement while having an affair with Boris Johnson. Currently, Fazackerley writes about the unis for The Guardian.

Anna worked at the Policy Exchange as the head of both Cultural units and Education and Arts units. Fazackerley’s job was to define research priorities and manage several projects in the departments.

Anna Fazackerley Wikipedia 

Anna Fazackerley is not on Wikipedia, despite being a popular journalist.

However, Anna has a Twitter account with 1.2k followers and 649 tweets as of May 2021. She joined the platform in August 2017. 

What Is Her Age?

Anna Fazackerley has not revealed the details of her age or date of birth.

By the looks of her pictures, she seems to be in her mid-40s.

Fazackerley was born and raised in the UK, and her nationality is British.

Anna went to the Manchester University, where she graduated with first-class in English.

Does Fazackerley Have A Husband?

Anna Fazackerley has not clarified whether she is married and if she has a husband.

She once had an affair with Prime Minister Boris Johnson. His (Boris) wife, Marina, threw him out of the house for several extramarital affairs but took him back later.

However, Boris was still having affairs with other women, including Anna.

Fazackerley and Johnson were together in 2005 when he was a junior shadow education minister.

According to The Sun, Boris Johnson took a flight from China to be with Anna in Paris.

What Is Her Net Worth?

Anna Fazackerley’s net worth might be hefty given her successful career in journalism.

Besides journalism, Fazackerley has worked as the director of Agora for a couple of years, reports Policy Exchange.

Fazackerley rarely talks about the details of her salary and net worth to the media. 

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