Who Is Arthur Prince Kollie? Wiki Age And Jupiter Paulsen Stabbing

Who Is Arthur Prince Kollie? Wiki Age And Jupiter Paulsen Stabbing

Who Is Arthur Prince Kollie? Wiki Age And Jupiter Paulsen Stabbing

Arthur Prince Kollie was charged for murdering Jupiter Paulsen. See what happened.

Arthur is a drifter who has no proper or fixed address. He lives his life roaming here and there.

As per the reports from Meaww, Arthur was taken into custody for murdering a 14-year-old, Jupiter Paulsen.

She was skateboarding from her father to her mother while the drifter attacked her.

Moreover, He was charged with robbery and aggravated assault, and now, murder charges as well. He told the cops that he had a personality disorder, anxiety, and depression. 

Who Is Arthur Prince Kollie?

Arthur is a 22 years old drifter who was arrested by the police on June 2021.

He murdered and stabbed her 20 times, which resulted in the young Jupiter to death in Fargo, North Dakota.

According to Valley News Live, Arthur choked her and then tortured her physically by stabbing her multiple times. It was heartbreaking news for the nation, especially for Paulsen’s family.

The police reports state that a city sanitation worker saw a man (Kollie) leaning over Paulsen. He attacked and assaulted her brutally for more than 25 minutes.

Afterward, he ran away when the city employee came closer. 

Kollie Wiki Bio And Age

Arthur’s wiki is available on every new channel since it has become the most trending news of the day.

Arthur Prince Kollie age is 22 years old.

Simply, his actual date of birth is unavailable right now.

Furthermore, We don’t have many details about Arthur’s family and relatives at the moment.

Jupiter Paulsen Stabbing Case

Arthur Prince Kollie murdered Jupiter Paulsen on June 4, 2021, in Fargo by stabbing her multiples times. 

The news completely shatters Paulsen’s parents. Her beloved daughter is no more in this world.

It has been riskier for the children to move out of their house due to this kind of crime and murder.

Jupiter’s father’s name is Robert Paulsen

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