Who is Cliff Simon Wife Colette Simon? Meet Into The Unknown Cast From Travel Channel

Who is Cliff Simon Wife Colette Simon? Meet ‘Into The Unknown’ Cast From Travel Channel

Who is Cliff Simon Wife Colette Simon? Meet ‘Into The Unknown’ Cast From Travel Channel

Cliff Simon’s show Into the Unknown is the latest adventure show Cineflix has to offer. Simon is the star of the show which takes him to some of the most dangerous and unexplored places on earth. 

Unlike other travel shows, the main purpose of this show is to get caught in challenging terrain and unforgiving landscapes. The 2020 series is similar to survival shows of old but has a unique twist in that he goes after myths and perils. 

Who Is Cliff Simon’s Wife?

Air force veteran and survivalist Simon is married to a woman named Colette Simon. 

He married her in 1997 in a game lodge in South Africa. They have been married for more than 27 years as of 2020. They later migrated to America in hopes of living out the American dream. At the time, Cliff was 38 years old. 

Cast Of Into The Unknown

Cliff is largely the only major on-screen cast member of the show.  He is a survivalist with a military (air force) background. He is originally from South Africa. 

Cliff Simon’s Age, Birthday & Early Life

Cliff Simon was born on 7 September 1962 in Johannesburg, South Africa. He is 57 years old as of July 2020. He was born to father Emmanuelle Simon and Phylis Simon.  

He holds South African and American nationality. His parents are originally from Poland and Lithuania, they have Jewish heritage. 

As a child, he aspired to become the first South African Olympic gold medalist. He was trained by his mother who was a swimming instructor. 

he reached the nationals when he was 15. However, his family moved to the UK where he continued schooling and training. He qualified for the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. 

Due to his athletic prowess, he became popular in the Texas area and was also offered scholarships by various universities. He trained with them and became a member of their swimming team called “The Mustangs”. 

He went back to South Africa around 3 years after he first started his intense training. He entered the Air Force in South Africa and became one of their tops swimmers. In fact, he even earned the Victor Ludorum which is the highest honor given to athletes in the South African Air Force.

Career In Acting

His career in acting started after he left the air force in 1982. He became a windsurfing and waterskiing instructor and was picked up by a stage producer who needed an instructor. 

The star then became a fixture on stage shows performing all over the world. He also danced in various productions. One of the highlights of his stellar early acting career was his performance at Moulin Rouge, Paris. 

He then went to South Africa and hired an agent and even modeled with their help. His first major role in a Tv series was when he was cast on the show Egoli: Place of Gold. 

Cliff moved to LA to further his dreams as an actor. There he secured an agent and guest-starred on Nash Bridges. His antagonist character on Stargate SG-1. His humor and charisma made fans love his villainous turn. 

Perhaps, his best-known show is Into The Unknown which first aired on the History channel in 2019. He ventures into some of the most rural places on earth. He brings part mystery and part survival into the show but he self-describes the show as an extreme travel show. 

On some of his adventures on the show, he tries to solve mysteries with the help of scientists, shamans, faith-healers, etc.

The locals of the rural places also help him get to the bottom of some of the mysteries.  

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