Who Is Eddy Demarez? Wikipedia And Homophobic Comments

Eddy Demarez Made Homophobic Comments On The Belgian Women’s Basket Ball Team – Who Is He?

Eddy Demarez Made Homophobic Comments On The Belgian Women’s Basket Ball Team – Who Is He?

Eddy Demarez made mocking remarks to the WBB. Who Is Eddy Demarez? Stay with the article to find out what comments did Eddy exactly make.

Eddy Demarez is a Flemish sports presenter and reporter who started his career in 1993. Demarez also works as a moderator and presenter at several events. As a sports reporter, Eddy specialized in hockey and football. 

Demarez was a reporter and commentator on the Olympic Games, European Championships, and World Cups. Eddy Demarez is now suspended for his sexist and homophobic remarks at the Women’s basketball team.

The remarks got caught in a hot mic incident, and it outrages the Belgian Cats fans.

Who Is Eddy Demarez?

Eddy Demarez is a sports journalist who made offensive and homophobic comments on the Belgian female basketball players who just returned from Tokyo.

Demarez was born on December 2, 1967, in Leuven. Eddy Demarez’s current age is 53 years.

Eddy has worked with several news channels and media houses including, Het Journaal. He has hosted and been a part of many sports shows such as The Seventh Day, Sports Weekend, Het Sportpaleis, Sport on Saturday, Sports Afternoon, and many more.

Is Eddy Demarez On Wikipedia?

Eddy Demarez is on Wikipedia.

Demarez went to Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and earned his master’s degree in communication sciences. He holds a postgraduate degree in business economics from VLEKHO Business School Brussel.

Eddy Demarez was working with VRT, a Flemish Radio and Television Broadcasting Organization, when he made those homophobic remarks. Demarez has since been suspended by the company according to their company policy, reports VRT.

Eddy Demarez gave sexist and homophobic comments to women’s basketball players.

Eddy Demarez was on Facebook Live, which was held by Sporza, a Dutch language network. The Facebook Live was for the Belgian team’s Olympians who returned from Tokyo. Demarez thought his mic was off when he insulted in Dutch. It seemed to be a private conversation, and everyone watching the live feed heard it.

Demarez specifically talked about Kim and Hanne Mestdagh and aimed sexist and homophobic comments towards them. The Twitter video soon went viral and had more than 39.3k views.

After much outrage from the fans on Twitter, Eddy Demarez gave a half-hearted apology to the Belgian Cats and the public. Eddy is now temporarily banned from the network and commenting on programs, reports The Brussels Times.

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