Who Is Maria Licciardi? Wikipedia Net Worth And Husband

Female Mafia Boss Maria Licciardi Was Arrested – Who Is She?

Female Mafia Boss Maria Licciardi Was Arrested – Who Is She?

Mafia Maria Licciardi was recently arrested while attempting to travel to Spain. Who Is Maria Licciardi? Here is what we know about Licciardi so far.

Maria Licciardi is an Italian criminal and mafia who is one of the bosses of the Secondigliano Alliance. Licciardi was called La Piccolina during her early criminal career and later referred to as La Madrina, which means The Godmother.

Licciardi became the head of the Licciardi clan and took over the Secondigliano Alliance, and was the first female Camorrista to do so. Until her arrest in 2001, Licciardi was one of the most powerful bosses of Camorra in Naples.

Who Is Maria Licciardi?

Maria Licciardi is the super boss of the Licciardi Clan. Licciardi was born on March 24, 1951, in Secondigliano, Naples, Italy.

Maria’s current age is 70 years. She was born into a family of Camorra, and her father was a well-known local boss.

Maria Licciardi has now been arrested or arrestato by Carabinieri on August 7, 2021, at Rome’s Ciampino airport while attempting to travel to Spain. She was allegedly the head of the Licciardi Camorra clan and was running extortion rackets, reports News Sky.

Maria Licciardi was among Italy’s Top 30 wanted fugitives, after which Licciardi went into hiding, but police finally found her. She has been accused of extortion, mafia-type association, auction-rigging, receiving stolen money, drug trafficking, and murder, among others.

Is Maria Licciardi On Wikipedia?

Maria Licciardi is on Wikipedia

One can read about Maria’s biography along with her Camorra heritage, downfall, and arrests on her Wikipedia page.

She was arrested on June 14, 2001, and she was sentenced to prison. Maria was still commanding the clan from prison. Licciardi was released in 2009, after eight years of the arrest.

Maria Licciardi’s net worth details have not been made public yet. As the head of the Licciardi Clan, she runs a large organization that indulges in criminal activities.

Meet Maria Licciardi Husband

Maria Licciardi’s husband is Antonio Techemie. Antonio Techemie and Maria Licciardi have one child together.

Antonio has also been arrested for his crimes and associations with Camorrista. Techemie was also a part of the Camorra.

The Camorrista Gennaro Licciardi and the boss of Licciardi clan, Vincenzo Licciardi are Maria’s brothers.

According to She The People, Licciardi was planning on meeting her daughter in Spain. She also had plans to attend a few businesses in the Southern part of Spain.

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