Who is Genae Cook IMPD? Husband And Family Details To Know

Who is Genae Cook IMPD? FedEx Shooting Indianapolis Update

Who is Genae Cook IMPD? FedEx Shooting Indianapolis Update

Genae Cook has indeed become the key figure in the dreadful incident that occurred in Indianapolis on late Thursday. What is her role? Here are her husband, family, and other information discussed. So, let’s have a look.

Genae Cook is an IMPD officer who has been the medium of information concerning the terrifying event that took place at FedEx Ground Plainfield Operation Centre on Thursday evening in Indianapolis.

Similarly, she has been cooperating with the media and has been updating us about the incident. Cook spoke at a news conference, saying that the exact motive for the shooting is still unclear, but that an investigation is underway. She also refers to the incident as a tragedy.

Who is Genae Cook?

Genae Cook is an IMPD officer who is currently briefing the FedEx mass shooting incident.

According to her LinkedIn profile, she is a public information officer based in Indianapolis, United States. She has been serving in the position for nearly 25 years now.

Moreover, she earned her graduate degree in criminal justice and police science from the University of Cincinnati.

FedEx Shooting Indianapolis Explained

On April 15, 2021, a massacre took place in the FedEx office and its premises.

According to news portals, the shooter came out of nowhere and began firing randomly. The suspect didn’t make any kind of conversation or contact with anyone before shooting.

He began firing outside FedEx and then moved inside to continue shooting. According to CNN, the mass shooting took the lives of 8 people, including the gunman himself, and wounded a number of others.

Genae Cook Husband And Family

We are not sure who is Genae Cook’s husband.

The officer has maintained a very private personal life, so due to this, the information regarding her husband and family is off the record.

We are not even sure if Genae is married or if she is single at the moment.



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