Who Is Grace Marhoefer? Age Wikipedia And Parents

Who is Grace Marhoefer? Everything About Skateboard Player

Who is Grace Marhoefer? Everything About Skateboard Player

Grace Marhoefer is a young skateboard player from the United States. Who is Grace Marhoefer, and what is her age? Here is everything to know about her.

Grace is a talented skateboarder who has played in many skateboard tournaments. Recently, she made it to the finals of the USA Skateboarding National Championships Womens Park.

According to the source, currently, Grace globally ranks in number 79 as the skateboarder.

Learn about Grace Marhoefer Age

Grace Marhoefer’s age is currently 18.

Though there is no detailed information on her birth year and date. Multiple sources like The Boardr have mentioned that her age is 18.

She is still young but is super talented and is a pro at skateboarding. 

Does Grace Marhoefer Have Wikipedia?

Grace Marhoefer does not have an official Wikipedia page.

There is not much information about her biography. But some sources have revealed her sports background.

Grace was born and raised in Cocoa Beach, Florida. In her hometown, surfing is too common. So common that the kids learn to surf as soon as they can walk.

When Grace was a kid, she signed up for a skate camp located in her neighborhood. It was sufficient to make her fall in love with skating. 

The young skateboarder looks up to skaters based in Florida like Fabiana Delfino. She loves skating and is not scared to try new things.

Grace has taken part in a lot of skateboard competitions and has had a good run until now.

She secured the first position at GFL Series at New Smyrna Street Womens,  GFL Series at St Pete Street Womens. Likewise, she secured the fifth position at Dew Tour Womens Park Open Qualifiers. Additionally, she made it to the finals at USA Skateboarding National Championships Womens Park.

Her dream is to qualify and play at the Tokyo Olympics.

An interesting fact, Grace’s favorite trick is called an eggplant. 

Besides skateboarding, Grace loves the beach and helping out her dad at his warehouse. She also loves pancakes and watching rom-coms.

Meet Grace Marhoefer Parents

There is no information on Grace Marhoefer’s parents. 

Her other personal and family details are unknown as of now.

Though she has mentioned that her dad is an engineer.

Grace Marhoefer Net Worth And Instagram

Grave Marhoefer’s net worth is not known to the public. 

And she has an Instagram account with the username gracemarhoefer. She currently has 9.3k followers, and she loves sharing her skateboarding pictures.

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