Who Is Leesh Cunningham Tiktok? Age, Boyfriend, Instagram Bio

Who Is Leesh Cunningham Tiktok? Age, Boyfriend, Instagram Bio

Who Is Leesh Cunningham Tiktok? Age, Boyfriend, Instagram Bio

Leesh Cunningham is the viral Australian Tiktok star who has now gained around 10 thousand total followers on her official TikTok account. Moreover, her follower count is increasing day by day and we can expect her to earn much more in the coming days. Also, we can see that her TikTok videos have now gained over 37.3 thousand likes.

Name Leesh Cunningham
Age 26 years
Gender Female
Nationality Australian
Profession TikTok Star, Manager
Married/Single Single
Instagram @leeesh__
Tiktok @__leesh___

Well, TikTok users have been famous for weird ways and she is one of them who has now been viral for finding love in various places. In fact, Leesh Cunningham went to Bunnings Warehouse to find a husband for herself. One of her TikTok videos even shows her asking employees if they had any husbands in their stock which is quite funny. 

10 Facts on Leesh Cunningham:

  1. Leesh Cunningham, the viral Australian TikTok star doesn’t actually seem to make these videos just for fun as she really looks serious to find a husband for herself.
  2. Moving on to her Instagram profile, her username is @leeesh__ and she has around 3.8 thousand followers there. 
  3. Moreover, her search for a husband has made a lot of guys message her for a marriage proposal.
  4. According to her, she has received tons of cringe-worthy messages from Australian men of 50 years. 
  5. As per reports claimed by Daily Mail, Leesh Cunningham’s current age is exactly 26 years as of 2020.
  6. Basically, she is a fitness freak who can be found mostly in gyms as per her pictures on Instagram. 
  7. According to Leesh Cunningham’s bio on The Sun, she had gone to a DIY shop to find love in a very traditional way than the dating apps. 
  8. Since she is finding her partner for real, we are 100% sure that she is single right now. 
  9. Talking about Leesh’s job, she describes herself as a manager at F45 Training
  10. Although we are well aware that she is of Australian nationality, we are currently unknown about Leesh’s ethnicity.

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