Who Is Malibu Goes Crazy TikTok? Find Malibugoescrazy On Instagram

Find Malibugoescrazy On TikTok And Instagram – Real Name Revealed

Find Malibugoescrazy On TikTok And Instagram – Real Name Revealed

Malibu Goes Crazy is trending on Tiktok nowadays. Let us find Malibu’s Instagram and real name here.

Malibu Goes Crazy is a social media star. She uploads random videos expressing herself on Tiktok.

Who Is Malibu Goes Crazy TikTok?

Malibu Goes Crazy is a Tiktok star. Her videos on the platform get outstanding views from her fans all over the world.

Actually, Malibu names her Tiktok profile as Maliby’s world. With username @malibugoescrazy she has uploaded tons of videos on the handle.

No doubt, the young lady has been a sensation in no time. Over 264 thousand followers enjoy her videos. In addition, her videos have amassed over 6.6 million likes altogether.

Most of Malibu’s videos are about herself, her everyday life, and personal feelings. Sometimes, she creates some funny stuff like comedy clips and jokes too.

One of the videos she uploaded in March has been viewed over 22.5 million times. There she characterizes her doctor.


Ignore the mess.. was in the middle of cleaning my room ##fyp ##bblcheck ##regrets

♬ Never Forget You – Noisettes

Not to mention, Malibu is always trending on Tiktok. In fact, her fans rush to see her videos as soon as she is done uploading them.

Find Malibu Goes Crazy On Instagram IG

Malibu Goes Crazy is on Instagram with her account @malikamohan. She is followed by over 780 fans there.

But the profile is private which means one needs to have approval from her to view her contents. She has made just nine posts so far.

Likewise, she also has a cash app account. She has advertised the account on her Tiktok bio.

What is Malibu Goes Crazy Real Name?

Malibu Goes Crazy’s real named is Malika Mohan. She is active on Instagram with the name.

Actually, she has not revealed her actual name directly. However, it probably should be her name because uses other social media accounts with the name.

In the meantime, she advertises a company called The Coldest Water on her Tiktok account. It seems she endorses or publicizes the company earning some fortune from it.


I almost lost it in the beginning 😢 ##goingtocry ##fyp ##LoveMeMode ##longstorysshort ##terrifiedsong

♬ original sound – daddy

Malibu’s Age Explored – How Old Is She?

Malibu Goes Crazy’s age is perhaps 20 years old. She has written the number on her Tiktok bio.

In addition, she is a native of the Bay Area in California. Also, she has got the birth sign of Pisces.

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