Who Is Micah Danielle White? Rickey Smiley Niece Death

Rickey Smiley Niece Micah Danielle White: Everything You Need To Know

Rickey Smiley Niece Micah Danielle White: Everything You Need To Know

Micah Danielle White death has devasted her uncle Rickey Smiley. Read her obituary in this artifact.

Micah was a wonderful soul who died at a young age. Everybody is emotional about her passing away.

On August 9, 2021, her family held a funeral so that she can rest in peace. We send our prayers and condolences to her close people.

How Did Micah Danielle White Die? Death Cause Unveiled

Micah Danielle White’s cause of death remains unanswered. According to Post Gazette, the authorities found her dead in the 100 block of South 18th Street.

Reportedly, the incident took place at around 10 PM on July 31, 2021. As per Public Safety spokesperson Maurice Matthews‘s statement, further investigation is going on.

Currently, the case is being looked upon by the Violent Crimes Unit and Group Violence Intervention. Even after a week, the authorities aren’t able to reveal how Micah died.

Furthermore, she wasn’t the only deceased person at her residence. There were two others, Jason G. Heintzelman and Davon Tae Lipscome, who died along with Micah.

Well, there’s no further information regarding her demise. However, a recent update claims that there is no foul play, and hence, the medial is studying the actual reason behind the three’s death.

Who Was Micah Danielle White? Everything About Rickey Smiley Niece

Micah Danielle White was famous for being Rickey Smiley’s niece. We came to know about her expiration from his tweet.

Well, Rickey is a well-known American comedian. Also, he is an actor and musician famous for his songs, Lil Darryl, My Daddy Over There?, Where Is My Father’s Day?, etc.

Via social media posts, Rickey revealed how much she meant to him. Recently, the duo had gone to Bimini together.

Furthermore, Micah’s uncle attended an event meant to celebrate her life. We hope Smiley gets through this difficult time soon.

Micah Danielle White Obituary In Words

We cannot find Micah Danielle White’s obituary at the moment. Her family must be very busy performing her rituals.

Also, her entire circle is shattered after hearing her death news. Hopefully, someone from her household will reveal information about her demise soon.

Until then, we request netizens not to disturb their personal life. Indeed, Micah’s loved ones need privacy at this crucial hour.

Moreover, we cannot find a wiki under her name yet. Also, we are unable to fetch her social media profiles.

Micah Danielle Age: How Old Was She?

Micah Danielle White was 31 years of age when she passed away. Reportedly, she was born on April 8, 1991.

Speaking about Rickey, he is 52 years old. Thus, the uncle and niece had an age gap of 21 years.

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