Who Is Revan Naicker? Durban Boy Dies From Sanitiser Fire

Who Is Revan Naicker? Durban Boy Dies From Sanitiser Fire Experiment

Who Is Revan Naicker? Durban Boy Dies From Sanitiser Fire Experiment

Who is Revan Naicker? He is a 12 years old boy who died from Sanitiser Fire Experiment. Find out the updates of the incident.

Revan was a young boy from Durban, South Africa who has now lost his life due to a TikTok experiment. 

The young boy was a student of Effingham Heights Primary School and the school and association have expressed their sorrow regarding the tragedy.

Who is Revan Naicker?

Revan Naicker was a 12 years old boy from Durban who was studying in Effingham Heights Primary school. 

The young boy died due to burns caused while he was trying out an experiment from the video he saw on TikTok.

He was rushed to the hospital after he had sustained injures from the horrible experiment he had done. 

Unfortunately, the police confirmed his death on Thursday as the burns he had got were too severe. 

Revan Naicker Sanitiser Fire Experiment

Revan Naicker had tried the Sanitiser Fire experiment he had seen on TikTok.

On June 7th, the little boy had allegedly poured sanitiser on a bowl and lit it up with a match.

The fire erupted and erupted over the boy and he was immediately rushed to the hospital after it came to his family’s attention. 

As of now, the identity of his parents has not been disclosed yet. 

In today’s world where the internet is available to all, parents are required to be vigilant.

It has not been the first time a young life was lost due to what they saw on the web. 

With the increasing numbers of these horrible experiments going viral worldwide, the family must observe their children’s activities.

Revan Naicker Obituary

The family has released no official obituary for Revan Naicker on the internet. 

His family is still grieving his loss, so we assume that they would update the obituary later. 

The Effingham Heights Primary School has sent its condolences to the aggrieved family. 

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