Who Is Scott Shewfelt Tavistock? Wife And Net Worth Details

Who is Scott Shewfelt From Jeopardy? Aaron Rodgers Roasted On His First Episode

Who is Scott Shewfelt From Jeopardy? Aaron Rodgers Roasted On His First Episode

Scott Shewfelt is originally from Tavistock. Know the Jeopardy contestant even more by reading this article.

Scott Shewfelt is a contestant from the hugely popular game show Jeopardy. The show host Aaron Rodgers was well-received by the fans at his first time as a guest.

However, on the episode aired on Monday, April 5, the quarterback got trolled by none other than Scott.

During the final round, Shewfelt didn’t know the correct answer. He hilariously asked Rogers about the NFC championship loss in January.

Everyone on the show laughed, including Rodgers’ who took the joke very positively.

Who Is Scott Shewfelt Tavistock From Jeopardy?

Scott Shewfelt doesn’t have a Wikipedia bio on his name.

His nationality is Canadian.

According to his LinkedIn, he has worked as a Team Activation Coordinator at EventConnect.

He is a big fan of the show and former host Alex Trebek.

Scott is a former student of Waterloo-Oxford District Secondary School in Baden. Furthermore, he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Cape Breton University. 

Wife And Net Worth Details

Scott Shewfelt is married to his wife Raechal Leone Shewfelt.

However, there is very little information available about his married life and children. 

Likewise, Scott Shewfelt actual net worth information is not available.

However, after his two straight victories in the show, he has managed to earn $46,800.

Family and Hometown

Scott Shewfelt’s family information remains unavailable.

However, we do know that his hometown is Tavistock, and his family is currently living in Ontario.

As of now, he resides in Los Angeles as per his Instagram account under the username “scottshewfelt .”After being featured on the show, his popularity is growing so as his followers. Until now, he has 110 followers in his name.

Lastly, Scott Shewfelt is available over the Twitter platform with the username “@LosAngelesShew.”On Twitter, he has earned more than 91 followers.

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