Who Is Sgt Tyler Longman? Police Officer Wiki And Family

Who Is Sgt Tyler Longman? Michael Chad Breinholt Shooting Video

Who Is Sgt Tyler Longman? Michael Chad Breinholt Shooting Video

Sgt Tyler Longman appears on Michael Chad Breinholt shooting video having last words with him. Know his wiki and family.

Tyler is an officer at West Valley City Police. He had shot intoxicated Michael in police custody in 2019.

Who Is Sgt Tyler Longman?

Sgt Tyler Longman is a West Valley City Police officer.

Longman is still at work in the police department after having shot an intoxicated man to death. The incident dates back to 2019.

In fact, Tyler shot a suicidal addict named Michael Chad Breinholt in August 2019. But no charges have been filed against him as of now.

On the other hand, Longman had reportedly killed two other persons on duty before that. He falls among the 38 Utah officers who have been involved in more than one shooting over for 16 years.

Utah’s Fraternal Order of Police has reportedly defended his action. Also, he had an administrative leave after which he rejoined the police department.

Sgt Tyler Longman – Michael Chad Breinholt Shooting Video

Sgt Tyler Longman’s Michael Chad Breinholt Shooting video is circulating the internet.

The full video of the Breinholt shooting was acquired by The Salt Lake Tribune. Utah’s State records Committee had forced the West Valley City police to provide the clip.

Michael is seen handcuffed in the full clip and trying to wrestle with the cops while being in a custody. He appears fully intoxicated.

Soon, Sgt Longman comes to the scene. He says ” You’re about to die, my friend”. Then, he shoots Michael on his head.

Longman’s body cam video is being shared on Facebook and Reddit. People are wondering why he is able to continue his duty even after using such excessive force.

Sgt Tyler Longman Wiki

Not much is known about Sgt Tyler Longman as of now.

Also, it is not quite clear when he joined the police force. Meanwhile, his age and bio remain concealed from the public at the moment.

Longman had been justified in his use of deadly force in the two incidents before this. Besides, Breinholt’s family is waiting for a verdict on if charges will be filed this time.

Sgt Tyler Family

Sgt Tyler’s family is unknown at the moment.

Also, it is not clear whether the police officer was married or not. Information regarding Longman’s family background is kept away from the public reach.

Besides, Breinholt’s family is disrupted after watching the video. His mother is Susan Neese. Also, he had a brother named Chase.

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