Who Is Twenty4tim Tiktok? Age Real Name And Instagram

Twenty4tim Age Real Name: Meet Him On Instagram

Twenty4tim Age Real Name: Meet Him On Instagram

Twenty4tim is a Tiktok star whose age and real name have piqued the public interest amid his popularity. Know him here.

Twenty4tim is a social media star based in Germany. And, he gained fame from his TikTok and Instagram accounts.

People mostly love him for his hilarious content on TikTok and YouTube.

Also, we got to know that his ultimate dream is to be a teacher.

Twenty4tim Age: How Old?

Twenty4tim’s age is 20 years currently.

As per Famous Birthdays, he was born in the year 2000 and his birthday is celebrated on 13th September every year.

Moreover, his birth took place in Germany, and the details surrounding his family and background are not found.

However, the star is seen posting a photo with his mother on his Instagram account.

What Is Twenty4tim Real Name? Meet Him On Tiktok

Twenty4tim’s real name is Tim Stacos.

Twenty4tim’s TikTok videos have made him popular among the general public.

He is available on the platform as @twenty4tim.

And, he has amassed 3.4 million on his account with 292.8 million likes.


@typischcalvin antworten Endlich kann ich meine Mama nach 1 Monat wieder umarmen 😭 Habe sie so vermisst ❤️ | Neues Auto in meiner Story 😱

♬ See You Again (Piano Arrangement) – Alexandre Pachabezian

Also, his fun and engaging content have now made him a verified user of the platform.

However, the star himself claims that the coronavirus pandemic made him popular.

Does He Have A Girlfriend?

Twenty4tim’s girlfriend is Diana Bill.

Tim and Diana have been together for quite some time now. 

The couple is often seen sharing cute pictures with each other on their social media platform.

Is Twenty4tim On Instagram?

Twenty4tim is available on Instagram under the handle @twenty4tim.

He joined the platform in 2014 and has amassed 1.5 million followers on his verified handle. 

In addition to Instagram, he has also gained fame as a YouTuber. He joined YouTube in 2017. He mostly posts hilarious vlogs and challenges on his channel.

Also, he has 80.8k subscribers.

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