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Did Jyoti Amge Have A Leg Surgery? Here Are The Photos

Did Jyoti Amge Have A Leg Surgery? Here Are The Photos

Did Jyoti Amge Have A Leg Surgery? Get the details on the world smallest woman photos and health updates here.

Jyoti has a fractured leg, and her health has been the most important thing in her life.

It has been around 10 years since she lived with her injured leg, but she is out of any surgical treatment. Find out why.

Did Jyoti Amge Have A Leg Surgery?

Jyoti Amge did not have leg surgery.

She has painful fractures in her leg and has been living with the injury for around a decade.

Nonetheless, she is so health-conscious and has traveled to the United States several times for her treatment.

But her small body build is the major issue to go through the medical procedures. As per the medical scholars, skin breakdowns and blood poisoning could run rampart in her body.

Amge has stated that she likes to think about and is now leaning towards not getting the surgery.

Talking with Today Extra, Amge said, ‘I do have difficulty. No doctor can guarantee that my leg can heal, and I’m actually comfortable with where I’m at in life and who I am, as opposed to taking chances.’

Jyoti Amge Husband: Is She Married?

Jyoti Amge does not have a husband.

But she had been through several rumors of dating insights and married life before.

She sparked the dating rumors with the former world’s smallest man, late Khagendra Thapa, after meeting at the Guinness World Record, which was not official.

In 2016, she dwelled in another rumor she posed with a man with a yellow shirt on Instagram.

Speculations cited that the man was her husband; however, it was only hypothetical at the time.

Jyoti has publicly mentioned that she is not looking for any romantic bond now. The first and foremost thing she cares about is her health and her time with friends and family.

Jyoti Amge’s net worth is not known.

But she summons significant earnings from her career as an actress.

She has already starred in more than 10 television credits, including American Horror Stories, Susana Gimenez, Big Boss, and many others.

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