Who is Twitch Streamer robcdee? Age, Bio And Net Worth

Robcdee: 10 Facts To Know

Robcdee: 10 Facts To Know

Robcdee is a Twitch Star who currently lives in Tokyo, Japan. His streams usually include walking through the streets of Tokyo. He documents the vibrant night-life of Tokyo and interacts with locals. He is primarily known for outdoor travel and exploration content.

The live streamer on Twitch loves showing his followers around the world through his eyes and understanding as well as learning more about the places, cultures, and people. He offers refreshing content with respect to some of the other content on Twitch. 

Quick Facts: Robcdee: 10 Facts To Know

Name Robcdee
Age 29
Gender Male
Nationality Australian
Profession Twitch Star
Instagram robcdee
Twitter robcdee_
Youtube Robcdee

10 Fun Facts About Robcdee 

  1. Robcdee has 108K followers on Twitch with over 460k hours+ viewed and 622 hours+ streamed hours.
  2. His real name is Rob and the twitch star’s current age is 29.
  3. Robcdee was born in England and raised in Australia. He currently lives in Japan.
  4. The streamer once saved a girl’s life. On Feb 10, Rob was live-streaming outside a kebab shop when he noticed a Moroccan tourist being followed by a Japanese man. He stayed along with the girl as if he was his friend and stayed with her until her train arrived.
  5. Although a very popular streamer and Twitch star, he does not have a Wikipedia yet. We cannot find any wiki-bio as well.
  6. His Instagram bio is, 🌎Doin that thing in Japan Don’t get comfortable 💪♨️, where he has 5,125 followers.
  7. He joined Twitter in May 2013 and has 7,560 followers on it. His Twitter bio says, ‘in Japan doing Japan stuff’.
  8. He hasn’t disclosed his income or net worth but he seems to be living a pretty comfortable life in Japan.
  9. Robcdee joined Youtube less than a year ago on January 15, 2020. He already has 20.5k subscribers and 391k views on it.
  10. Robcdee has been pretty private about his personal life. He hasn’t disclosed his relationship status or the name of his girlfriend.

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