Why Is Fred Lumbuye Arrested? Blogger Age And Net Worth

Anti Government Blogger Fred Lumbuye Was Arrested, Here’s Why

Anti Government Blogger Fred Lumbuye Was Arrested, Here’s Why

Blogger Fred Lumbuye has been recently arrested in Turkey. Learn about his age and net worth in this write-up.

Professionally, Fred is an anti-government blogger and YouTube vlogger. Some rumors say that Dictator M7 of Uganda has illegally kidnaped him.

Well, Lumbuye is famous for his views on political affairs in Uganda. There are speculations on the internet claiming he had spread fake news regarding the death of President Museveni.

Why Is Fred Lumbuye Arrested? What Did He Do?

Fred Lumbuye is reportedly arrested for some social media frauds. Well, the real reason behind his apprehension is yet to be known.

According to Nile Post, he is still in Istanbul, Turkey. However, some security personnel claim that he will be extradited to Uganda soon.

There are multiple stories about Fred’s arrest. Reportedly, the Ugandan Embassy took him under custody when he came to renew his passport.

Previously, Fred had received warnings from Charles Twine regarding an arrest. The Criminal Investigations spokesperson was very clear about the Ugandan protocols.

In response, he had claimed that the Ugandan president wouldn’t be able to arrest him. Also, he revealed the protection he had been receiving from the Turkish Embassy.

Most probably, Fred will have to show himself in one of the Ugandan courts. Well, many believe that he is the leader who started the rumors regarding Yoweri Museveni.

Everything To Know About Blogger Fred Lumbuye

Fred Lumbuye is a blogger based in Istanbul, Turkey. However, he was born and brought up in Uganda.

With over 28.5 thousand followers, he is active on Facebook as @fred.lumbuye. Furthermore, he is a YouTuber with approximately 50.2 thousand subscribers.

Moreover, Fred is on Instagram (7.5 thousand followers) and Twitter (6.7 thousand followers). He shares his political views regarding his native country on social media.

Well, he has not posted anything since he got arrested. So most probably, he is detained and is serving his time in jail.

Fred Lumbuye Age: How Old Is He?

Fred Kajjubi Lumbuye’s age in 2021 is under review. Also, we have no idea about his birthday.

However, we can claim that he was born to a Ugandan family. Right now, there’s nothing to know about his parents and siblings.

Also, Fred has not given any updates about his wife and children. So, we predict that he might be unmarried at the moment.

Furthermore, there’s nothing to know about Fred’s love life. Hence, we believe he is still single and looking for a girlfriend.

YouTuber Fred Net Worth Explored

Fred Lumbuye has an estimated net worth in the thousands. His current work has generated enough money for a normal lifestyle.

Indeed, he isn’t rich despite being a social activist. Also, Fred’s biography is unavailable on Wikipedia.

Simply, he calls himself a freedom fighter. He wishes to eradicate Museveni’s dictatorship of 34 years in Uganda.

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