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Pierre Cherpin Cause Of Death Revealed: How Did He Die?

Pierre Cherpin Cause Of Death Revealed: How Did He Die?

Pierre Cherpin is no more with us. He passed away on 14 January 2021 a few days after the crash into Sunday’s seventh stage. Doctors reached him by helicopter and soon was hastened to hospital in Sakaka for emergency surgery.

Cherpin was an entrepreneur and sailing enthusiast, who was an adventure lover and loved riding a bike. Since 215, he was competing in fourth Dakar. Know the causes of his death and few personal life details in the below facts!

Quick Facts: Pierre Cherpin Cause Of Death Revealed: How Did He Die?

Name Pierre Cherpin
Birthday 26 January 1968
Age 52
Gender Male
Height 6 feet (1.84 meters)
Weight 76
Nationality French
Profession Racer

10 Facts On Pierre Cherpin

  1. Pierre Cherpin had a tragic death on Thursday on 14 January 2021 following the accident at 178 kilometers into Sunday’s seventh stage.
  2. How old was he? At the time of Pierre Cherpin’s death, he was 52 years old. He was born in France on 26 January 1968, as per Motor Sport.
  3. The cause of his death is due to an accident that took place on 10 January 2021. He crashed at 178 kilometers into the seventh stage.
  4. Soon after the crash, Pierre was taken to hospital Sakaka for surgery. Later, he was placed in an induced coma. Later, Cherpin was transferred to France by medical plane for treatment.
  5. The Dakar caravan sent the heartful of condolence to his family, relative, and friends. Pierre Cherpin never came forward to give the identity of his family members.
  6. Since 2015, he was involved in bike racing.  Also, he was taking part in the fourth Dakar.
  7. Just like his family, Pierre Cherpin also hasn’t talked much about his wife and children. We’re still uncertain whether he was married or not.
  8. Cherpin was born in France so, his nationality was French. Also, he could be of mixed ethnicity.
  9. He was an avid biker and adventure enthusiast. Likewise, his hobbies were voile, ski, and moto, as per Dakar.
  10. Pierre was 6 feet (1.84 meters) tall in height, and his weight was 76 kg as per the wiki.

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