Wingsofredemption Wife, Age, Weight, Real Name, Net Worth

Wingsofredemption Wife, Age And Weight: Facts To Know About

Wingsofredemption Wife, Age And Weight: Facts To Know About

Wingsofredemption is a well-known streamer who is mostly known for streaming his games on Twitch and YouTube. First of all, let’s talk about his Twitch profile – he has already gained nearly 190 thousand subscribers and is growing more. Talking about his YouTube channel, he has approximately 419 thousand subscribers where his videos are mostly based on video games.

Name Wingsofredemption (Jordie Jordan)
Birthday April 21, 1986
Age 34 years
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Streamer, Gamer
Youtube Jordie Jordan

Is he married? Wingsofredemption’s marital status remains unknown to us but we have been working hard to find about that as soon as possible. Along with that, we have no idea about Wingsofredemption’s dating life too. To find out more about him, you can read the 10 facts given below which will surely help you find about his missing information. 

10 Facts on Wingsofredemption:

  1. Wingsofredemption’s earning is quite well but he has never discussed his net worth in front of the public media.
  2. Apart from YouTube and Twitch, we can follow him on Twitter as well. In fact, he has got two accounts – @WORICP with 1.1 thousand followers and @WORGODICP with 15.6 thousand followers. 
  3. Currently, we do not think that Wingsofredemption has created his own merch as we cannot find about them on any of his social media accounts.
  4. As he was born on April 21, 1986, he is currently 34 years old already. 
  5. Moreover, we have no idea about Wingsofredemption’s family members (parents and siblings) too.
  6. Since he was born and raised in Conway, South Carolina, his nationality is taken as American.
  7. However, there are no wiki sites that have discussed Wingsofredemption’s ethnicity until now. 
  8. Furthermore, his real name stands out to be Richard “Jordie” McCraty Samuel Jordan or just Jordie Jordan
  9. According to Wingsofredemption’s bio on YouTube Fandom, he remains very rude to his own fans which have brought a lot of controversies. 
  10. Talking about his streams, he is usually seen streaming popular games like Demon’s Souls, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, etc. 

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