Yasmin Al-Khudhairi Age Wikipedia And Boyfriend: How Old?

Yasmin Al-Khudhairi Age: How Old Is Actress In 2021?

Yasmin Al-Khudhairi Age: How Old Is Actress In 2021?

Yasmin Al-Khudhairi is an English actress. Get to know her age and boyfriend. Does she have a Wikipedia bio?

One of the most loved Channel 4 shows, Ackley Bridge has returned for its 4th season. The brand new season has featured a lot of exciting casts and Yasmin Al-Khudhairi is one of the most promising newcomers in the show. 

Yasmin, who is yet to make a mark in the TV industry has portrayed the role of “Fizza Akhtar” in the comedy-drama show. And the fans, as well as critics, have absolutely loved her performance. 

Yasmin Al-Khudhairi Age: How old?

Yasmin Al-Khudhairi has not revealed her age or birthday until now. 

It is not a surprise that the actress wants to keep her age a secret for now. Born and raised in London, she is based in the Sutton area at Greater London. She started acting at a very young age and has already found her rhythm, all thanks to Ackley Bridge. 

Yasmin is quite young and is probably in her late teens. She does portray a teenager in the show. 

Moreover, she is of English nationality. Her skin color is brown and she comes from Asian and Middle Eastern ethnicity. 

Yasmin Al-Khudhairi Wikipedia Bio

Yasmin Al-Khudhairi doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography of her own. 

However, the actress has an IMDb profile where her acting credits are mentioned. As per her IMDB mini-bio, she has four acting credits until now. Her debut role came in the 2019 movie, Hilda.

After debuting, she has appeared in the series, Killing Eve and also in the TV movie, Adam. But her breakthrough portrayal came in the Channel 4 show, Ackley Bridge. 

Yasmin Al-Khudhairi Boyfriend

Yasmin Al-Khudhairi doesn’t seem to have a boyfriend right now. She is currently single and not dating anyone. 

Not much in the spotlight before, we do not have any facts about her parents and family either. They will be updated as soon as possible. 

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