Yvain Badan Squash Coach Wikipedia Age And Erika Nardini Affair 2019

Who is Erika Nardini Alleged Boyfriend Yvain Badan?

Who is Erika Nardini Alleged Boyfriend Yvain Badan?

Yvain Badan is a squash coach who is alleged to be the boyfriend of Yvain Badan.

Yvain Badan is a former squash player who served at the Country Club of New Canaan. He used to carry the Harrow M-140 racket and was mostly successful in the doubles category. 

Everything To Know About Yvain Badan Squash Coach

After a successful playing career, Yvain Badan turned into a coach at New Canaan Country Club.

As a professional player, he was one of the members of the four Trinity College national-champion teams. In 2020, he even won the Swiss National Championship.

Yvain Badan Age: How Old Is He?

Reportedly, Yvain Badan’s age is confirmed to be 39 years old.

According to his profile in SDA Pro Tour, he was born on August 7, 1981. Since he was still playing in 2020, we believe that he started to coach in 2021.

However, there is no official statement about it yet. In fact, he has also not spoken about his retirement until now. Thus, he might still play competitive games in 2021.

His Net Worth Explored

Yvain Badan’s net worth is being reviewed.

We can expect the report to be released very soon. As of now, we predict that his worth is the thousands. His job has ensured him to live a comfortable life.

Is He On Wikipedia?

Despite being one of the best players, Yvain Badan’s bio has not been presented on Wikipedia yet.

With around 547 followers, we can find Yvain on Instagram as @yvainbadan. Previously, he was active on Twitter, but he must have removed his account because of the recent allegations.

Yvain Badan And Erika Nardini Affair Revealed

Yvain Badan is having an explosive affair with the CEO of Barstool Sports, Erika Nardini.

Erika has been serving as the CEO since July 2016, and recently, she had decided to practice squash. Her trainer is no other than the Swiss international, Yvain.

Awesemo spotted them kissing each other. Their affair is going to hamper their relationships with their respective spouses.

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