Zaven Collins Height Weight Parents, Age Net Worth And Instagram

Zaven Collins Height Weight: How Tall Is He?

Zaven Collins Height Weight: How Tall Is He?

NFL Prospect Zaven Collins is a tall, hunky footballer of 6 feet and 4 inches. Weighting 122 kg is not a problem for the 2021 NFL Draft prospect player since he has proved his prominence at Tulsa Golden Hurricane. 

Collins is an American football player who plays the position of linebacker for Tulsa Golden Hurricane.

Before being a footballer, the athlete was a gymnast during his younger years and had won many competitions and awards in his gymnastics career.

Now one of the best linebackers, he has been named unanimous All American and has been titled Defensive Player of the year. 

Moreover, currently, he is qualifying for the upcoming NFL Draft this Thursday on April 29.

Zaven Collins Height and Weight 

According to ESPN, Zaven’s height is 6 feet 4 inches. 

Similarly, his weight is 270 lbs, which is 122 kg. 

The athlete has been reported to gain 11 pounds of weight since the last time he had weighed himself. It can be considered a red flag as large fluctuations in weight could make a difference in an athlete’s mobility.

What Is Collins’ Age?

Collins is 21 years of age.

He was born on May 19, 1999, as per Wikipedia.

Zaven Collins Parents

Talking about Collins’s parents, his mother’s name is Haley Collins, while his father is unknown.

Haley Collins raised him alone as a single mom and took in her nephew, Peyton, 18 months younger than Zaven.

The athlete certainly gets some of his athleticism from his mom, who wanted to be a track runner but left the idea once she discovered she was pregnant.

She worked hard for her son and is proud of all his accomplishments. 

What is Zaven Collins’s Net Worth?

There is no information on Zaven’s net worth. 

He is not being paid as he is playing for a University that offers scholarships instead of payment. 

Meet Collins on Instagram

Zaven Collins is active on Instagram @zaven_collins.

His account is which has already been verified and has 6,423 followers.

Likewise, his Twitter @ZavenCollins has also been verified with 2,532 followers.

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