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StaysafeTV Twitch Banned: Is He Banned On Twitch?

StaysafeTV Twitch Banned: Is He Banned On Twitch?

Why was StaysafeTV Twitch banned? Many of us want to know about StaysafeTV’s online lifestyle and personal life. Band together to know about him. 

StaysafeTV is an English Web star who is widely known on almost every social media platform, including YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and so on. Most often, StaysafeTv is known for his Twitch streams which have already hoarded him immense fan followings.

Moreover, StaysafeTV is known for his World of Warcraft shadowlands gameplay on his Twitch streams.

Apart from Twitch, StaysafeTV is also a prominent YouTuber. He is also an exceptional YouTube Content creator. He creates game-related content and also posts some podcasts on his YouTube.

Why Was StaysafeTV Twitch Banned?

StaysafeTv Twitch was banned for 48 hours from twitch.

The reason behind StaysafeTV was banned following a copyright infringement when he showed footage of Fox New’s live coverage of the US election. It was his second violation, and one more infraction would lead to more severe punishment.

StaysafeTV age: How Old?

StaysafeTv age is supposedly in his 20s.

Apparently, we can not find any detailed information regarding StaysafeTV’s date of birth. Thus, we’re yet to find his exact age.

What Is Twitch Star StaysafeTv Net Worth?

StaysafeTV net worth is still concealed thus far.

Being a notable Twitch star and YouTuber, StaysafeTV must have accumulated a huge sum of money through his online career.

However, we’re keeping tabs about his net worth and will update once he shares it in the public domain. 

StaysafeTV Real Name And Girlfriend Toured

StaysafeTV real name is still under the shadow.

Well, he prefers to be called by his online name ‘StaysafeTV’ online. But, his real name is still under investigation.

StaysafeTv girlfriend is Kathy.

We can constantly picture StaysafeTV and Kathy on his Instagram post. We can see many cute pictures of the couple on his Instagram.

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