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Nathaniel Martello-White is an actor as well as a writer who has surprised the audience throughout the years through his charm and acting talent on screen. He has appeared in various theatres in his time. He has also written poems and published books.

Martello has been active in show business since the youthful days of his life, According to IMDB, his earliest credit was in 2008 for a role in “The Sisterhood of The Travelling Pants 2”. After that, he has starred in few movies and TV roles. He has remained quite busy in writing and as a result, he hasn’t acted in a whole lot of movies in his career.

Name Nathaniel Martello-White
Birthday 1983
Age 37
Gender Male
Nationality British
Profession Actor
Education National Youth Theatre
Instagram nathanielmartellowhite

10 Facts On Nathaniel Martello-White

  1. Nathaniel Martello-White was born in the year 1983 but we don’t know the month and day of his birth. The info is not available just yet.
  2. Nathaniel is 37 years old and certainly carries himself like a 37-year-old actor. He is very mature and graceful about his business and world view.
  3. Nathaniel was born in Westminster, London in the United Kingdom. He grew up there and loves his country.
  4. Talking about his nationality, he is a British man.
  5. We are clueless regarding his height and the reason being White never giving the general public any clues about his physical appearance.
  6. According to his Wikipedia, he graduated from National Youth Theatre in the year 2006 and began working after that.
  7. We don’t know if he has a wife or not. Judging from his Instagram posts, we couldn’t figure out his relationship status either because of the lack of any posts that suggest the close person in his life.
  8. He has never exposed his net worth and probably doesn’t have the intention to do so.
  9. White uses Instagram and posts regularly on the site. He has 1302 Instagram followers on his account.
  10. His latest work can be seen in the TV series I Hate Suzie.

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