Angela Higinbotham Aka angelalah325 Tiktok: Age And Instagram Bio

Who Is Angela Higinbotham Tiktok? Age And Instagram Bio

Who Is Angela Higinbotham Tiktok? Age And Instagram Bio

Angela Higinbotham Aka angelalah325 is a popular American social media personality. She became famous for her short videos in Tiktok. Her TikTok account under the name angelalah325 has over 125k followers with 3.3 million likes.

One of her most popular videos has been the video of acting out her dream to someday walk into her children’s house with her husband and treating the house with the disregard that her kids show now.

In the video, she hides the tv remote under the sofa, leaves all the lights on, hides the charger, litter, and many more. Her Tiktok bio mentions she is not just a regular mom and it is clear from all of her videos that it is in fact true.

Quick Facts: Who Is Angela Higinbotham Tiktok? Age And Instagram Bio

Name Angela Higinbotham
Age 30’s
Gender Female
Nationality American
Profession Tik Tokerrr & Full Service Travel Agent
Married/Single Married
Husband Rick
Children Lexi, Lauren, Nate and Ava
Instagram angelalah3
Tiktok angelalah325
Youtube Higs Fam

10 Facts On Angela Higinbotham

  1. Angela Higinbotham is currently married to her husband Rick and the couple looks lovely together. Rick frequently appears in her videos.
  2. She is a mother of four. Lexi, Laura, and Ava are her beautiful daughters and Nate is her adorable little son.
  3. Angela has not achieved as much popularity on Instagram as she has in Tiktok. her Instagram account under the name angelalah3 has 4,050 followers.
  4. The social media personality has not shared her date of birth so, her fans do not know about her birthday.
  5. She has chosen not to share her age but judging from her appearance she appears to be in her 30’s.
  6. Information regarding her Net worth has not been shared yet. 
  7. She is also a travel agent besides being a mom, wife, and a Tik Toker.
  8. Angela has also maintained her presence on youtube. her youtube channel named Higgs Fam has 113 subscribers and 4,313 views.
  9. Talking about her appearance she has blond hair and blue eyes.
  10. Higinbotham appears to have an average height but Information about her exact height and weight is not known.

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