YAWA SKITS Net Worth, Age And Nationality: 10 Facts On Youtuber

YAWA SKITS Net Worth And Real Name: Facts To Know

YAWA SKITS Net Worth And Real Name: Facts To Know

YAWA SKITS is actually a YouTube series produced, written, and directed by a YouTuber and content creator named Kassim Braimah. The series is all about the daily struggle of Kalistus aka Sifon Okoi. Talking about the YouTube channel, you can search their channel’s name as YAWA SKITS and there are around 423 thousand followers there.

Quick Facts: YAWA SKITS Net Worth And Real Name: Facts To Know

Nationality Nigerian
Profession YouTuber
Net Worth $382 thousand
Salary $19 thousand – $38 thousand
Instagram @yawaskits
Twitter @Yawaskit
Facebook @YawaSkits

Kassim Braimah is not the only one to run this YouTube channel as he has a whole team alongside Sifon Okoi. The YouTube channel is active since April 2, 2014, and their YouTube videos have successfully surpassed a total of 49.3 million views. To know more about the YouTube series and about the team, you can find their 10 facts below.

10 Facts on YAWA SKITS:

  1. YAWA SKITS’ estimated net worth as of 2020 has surpassed $382 thousand and we believe that the channel’s net worth will be much higher next year due to its increasing popularity.
  2. Moreover, the age group of the people who run YAWA SKITS’ YouTube channel is probably from 20 years to 30 years.
  3. Since YAWA SKITS is shot in Nigeria, we can easily tell that the people who run this channel are all of Nigerian nationality.
  4. Although people recognize YAWA SKITS as a YouTuber, you should know that it is a series run by a group of creators. 
  5. Even though the YouTube channel has not yet earned a Wikipedia page of its own, we hope that you are learning a lot about them through these 10 facts. 
  6. Also, we can say that the creators of this YouTube channel are of the average height of around 5 feet and 5 inches.
  7. With more than 141 thousand followers, YAWA SKITS has an Instagram account under the username @yawaskits.
  8. Well, it’s not possible for us to track the record of each actor’s girlfriend working for YAWA SKITS but we will surely update you about their relationships if anything interesting is going on.
  9. Talking more about the channel’s earnings, it is estimated that the creators earn nearly $19 thousand to $38 thousand every month. 
  10. Apart from just Instagram, we can find them active on Twitter (485 followers) and Facebook (1.5 million followers). 

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