Anu Duggal Wikipedia Net Worth And Husband: Who Are Her Parents?

Who Is Anu Duggal From Female Founders? Explore Her Net Worth And Background

Who Is Anu Duggal From Female Founders? Explore Her Net Worth And Background

Anu Duggal is a partner at Female Founders. Is she on Wikipedia? Read below to find out who is she and what is her net worth.

Businessperson Anu is a founding partner of the Female Founders Fund. She started the technology company to direct more dollars to female founders.

She has been servicing there for more than 7 years. Indeed, she plays a vital role in diversifying venture capital.

Explore Anu Duggal On Wikipedia

Anu Duggal hasn’t announced herself on Wikipedia.

Nevertheless, we can find her on Twitter under the username of @anuduggalnyc. She has over 8.3 thousand followers.

Moreover, her biography is present on LinkedIn. From her profile, we learned that she has made her appearances in The TODAY Show, Bloomberg TV, TIME, and many more.

Apart from Twitter, we can find her on Instagram as well. Under the username of @anuduggal, she has gained approximately 5.4 thousand followers.

Learn Anu Duggal Net Worth

Anu Duggal hasn’t disclosed her net worth yet.

Also, we remain clueless about her current salary. Nevertheless, we can confirm that her net worth is in the range of millions.

According to Crunchbase News, her company has raised over $57 million third fund. This means that total money under management has surpassed $95 million.

Now, she has partnered with huge companies and personalities. Some of them include Goldman Sachs, Twitter, Sima Sistani, and many more.

Who Is She? Meet Anu Duggal From Female Founders

Anu Duggal started Female Founder Fund in January 2014.

From 2015 to 2018, she had worked as a board of directors at Rubin Museum of Art. Before FFF, she was the CEO of Doonya.

Furthermore, she is known to be the co-founder of Exclusively. In. Well, her career had actually begun in June 2005 when she co-partnered The Tasting Room.

Speaking about her education, Anu is an MBA holder from London Business School. Previously, she had earned her BA degree in 2001 from Vassar College.

Everything On Anu Duggal Husband

Anu Duggal hasn’t mentioned her husband anywhere on the internet.

Looking through her Instagram posts, she has posted pictures of a child. However, the child is not her son.

In one of the posts, she has mentioned that she is his ‘Maasi’ or aunt. Since she hasn’t really talked about her own children, we can assume that she doesn’t have any.

Also, we predict that she is single. As her age is increasing day by day, she is being concerned about her love life.

Who Are Anu Parents? Her Background Revealed

Anu Duggal’s parents are of Indian nationality.

However, she has been a resident of New York for a long period of time. Well, Anu has posted few pictures of her mother and father on Instagram.

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