Chris Maroleng Age Biography And Wife Wikipedia

Who Is Chris Maroleng From SABC? Everything You Need To Know

Who Is Chris Maroleng From SABC? Everything You Need To Know

Chris Maroleng is a former SABC COO who still awaits a Wikipedia presence. Know Maroleng’s age and wife here.

Chris is an executive from South Africa. He works for Good Governance Africa as an executive director.

SABC: Chris Maroleng Age

Chris Maroleng’s age seems over 45 years old.

However, his exact birth details remain unknown as of now. The above number is an estimate based on his personality and appearance.

In fact, Maroleng’s mother has reached 84 years of age now. But the executive has not mentioned anything regarding the identities of his parents.

Likewise, we could not find any information on the internet that could illustrate how Chris spent his childhood. Also, his family background remains concealed at the moment.

Chris is in fact a graduate of the University of Cape Town. He earned a Master of Arts degree in International Relations and Affairs there.

Also, Maroleng’s academic qualifications include a Media Fellowship program at Duke University. He majored in communication and media studies there.

SABC: Chris Maroleng Wikipedia Biography

Chris Maroleng is not on Wikipedia as of now.

Maroleng is a famous figure in South Africa. But Chris is yet to have his biography featured on the page at the moment.

Chris and SABC had begun their journey in 2018. SABC had appointed him as a Chief Operations Officer COO. Also, he was an executive director there.

But Maroleng was fired in April 2019. His contract was terminated regarding his disciplinary issues.

Meanwhile, Chris is an executive director at Good Governance Africa. He had joined his office as a non-executive director in November 2016.

Similarly, he worked for around a year with Africa 360 Advisory group. Also, he was a non-executive board member at Johannesburg Business School.

Maroleng’s CV mostly includes his executive experiences. But he had started his professional career as a Senior researcher in 2002.

Who is Chris Maroleng Wife?

Chris Maroleng has a wife. But he has not revealed her identity to the public. Thus, we remain unclear when the two married.

Besides, Maroleng shares three children with his spouse. Likewise, nothing much is known about them either.

Chris’s Net Worth and Salary

Chris has a massive net worth for sure.

He has a history of handling executive duties in some top agencies. But the exact figures of his net worth are still under the radars. In addition, Maroleng’s salary as of now is also a mystery.

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