Aunjanue Elizabeth Flanagan Wikipedia, Age, Height, Instagram, Parents

Aunjanue Elizabeth Flanagan

Aunjanue Elizabeth Flanagan

Aunjanue Elizabeth Flanagan is the daughter of famous Scottish actor Tommy Flanagan. She is from the famous background family has gained followers from her father and relatives name. She is very young yet many people are following her and have started talking about her despite she hasn’t started her career or has been part of the film industry yet.

Aunjanue Elizabeth Flanagan mother is also from a film background as she has been producing movies of her own. Anujanue is very beautiful so most of the people talk about her because of her sweet nature and humble character.

Name Aunjanue Elizabeth Flanagan
Birthday March 20, 2012
Age 8
Gender Female
Height 4 ft 6 in
Parents Tommy Flanagan (Father) Dina Livingston (Mother)
Married/Single single

10 Facts about Aunjanue Elizabeth Flanagan:

  1. Aunjanue Elizabeth Flanagan was born on March 20, 2012, most probably in new york as her exact date of birth and place hasn’t been revealed it yet.
  2. Aunjanue most of the family members are from the entertainment industry precisely movie industry so she has gained a lot of followers from her family members at such an early age.
  3. Despite being the daughter of famous Scottish actor Tommy Flanagan and niece of Andrew Flanagan another famous actor she doesn’t have her own Wikipedia page but there are other pages on the web but actual information is not provided till date.
  4. Aunjanue Elizabeth Flanagan father got married to Dana Livingston in 2010 and soon after their marriage they got their first child and before it, Tommy was married to two other girls one lasted from 1998-2001 when he got married to Rachel Flanagan and other lasted from 2007-2010 when he was married or Jane Ford.
  5. Aunjanue Elizabeth Flanagan’s name was kept after her father’s grandmother Elizabeth Flanagan.
  6. Her height is approximately 4 feet and 6 inches tall but her exact height is not confirmed or revealed yet.
  7. She doesn’t have any kind of social media nor uses it but her father’s Instagram username is @tommyflanaganofficial where he has 545k followers.
  8. Aunjanue Elizabeth Flanagan exact net worth is unavailable but her parent’s total net worth is approximately $10 million dollars.
  9. She with her parents attended New York Tartan Day Parade and since then has been in everybody’s eyes and grabbed herself some attention.
  10. Her parents have posted Aunjanue photos in their social media handle has since then has attracted a lot of followers for herself.

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