Beach Bunny Band Members, Merch, Albums, Tour Dates and Concerts Tickets

Beach Bunny Band Members, Merch, Albums, Tour Dates and Concerts Tickets

Beach Bunny Band Members, Merch, Albums, Tour Dates and Concerts Tickets

Beach Bunny Band is an American music band that specializes in the music of the Indie-pop genre.

This band which was founded in 2015 with its members from Chicago, Illinois has recently released their first studio album titled “Honeymoon” on a New York city-based record label, Mom+Pop Music, in February 2020.

Here is everything we know about the Beach Bunny Band, its members, merchandise, albums, tour dates, and concert tickets.

Beach Bunny Band Members

Beach Bunny Band was previously just a solo project of its lead singer Lili Trifilio. The addition of new members has given new energy and depth to the catchy tunes of Trifilio’s voice.

Currently, the Beach Bunny band has four members.

The lead vocalist/ singer of the band is Lili Trifilio. She recorded and released her first song for Beach Bunny called “6 weeks” in 2015.

Lili has been in the band ever since. This 23 years old Chicago girl is the ‘beach bunny‘ who formed the band.  Apart from her musical career she has studied Journalism and recently graduated from DePaul University.

In 2016, the other three members joined the group. Matt Henkels is the guitarist. Jon Alvarado is the drum player. And Aidan Cada was the bass player.

However, Aidan Cada was in the band for only four years, he left the band in 2019. In the same year, another bassist Anthony Vaccaro replaced Aidan. Therefore, Anthony is the newest member of the beach bunny band.

Beach Bunny Band Songs and Album

Beach Bunny Band members have sung several singles and Extended Play(EP) like Prom Queen, Animalism, Ms. California, Promises, Sports, Cloud 9, Cry baby, Pool party, and many more. The official video of Prom Queen which was released in 2018 has reached over 10 million views as of now.

The album “Honeymoon” released recently on valentine’s day of 2020 is the debut studio album of the Beach Bunny Band. The album consists of nine songs namely, ‘Promises, ‘Cuffing Season’, ‘April’, ‘Rearview’, ‘Ms. California’, ‘Colorblind’, ‘Race track’, ‘Dream boy’, and ‘Cloud9’.


Beach Bunny Band Merch

Beach Bunny Band has its separate merchandise because of its popularity all over America and worldwide.

They sell various T-shirts, bags, fanny packs, posters, enamel pin, Christmas cards, etc with the band members photos, logo/trademark, or the song or EP name on these things.

They also sell Cassettes, Vinyl EP records, and CDs of the band’s songs under the Beach Bunny Band name.

Beach Bunny Band Tour Dates and Concert Tickets

The beach bunny band has planned for 7 international tours and 12 concerts.

They had to cancel their international tour dates, which was scheduled for June, because of the coronavirus pandemic. It’s not only the fans but the members of the band were also pretty bummed because of the situation as it was their first chance to perform their music overseas.

However, their tour dates have been rescheduled to April 2021 and hopefully, it might be safer to go to concerts at that time.

The tickets that were sold for the June 2020 dates will have their value and can use the same tickets for the rescheduled dates. If the concert ticket holders could not attend the concert later then they can refund it. The tour dates rescheduled for April of 2021 are as follows. 

  • 10th April – Dublin, Ireland at the Workman’s Club
  • 12th April – Glasgow, UK at Saint Luke’s
  • 14th April – Manchester UK at Manchester Gorilla
  • 15th and 16th April – London, UK at The Dome, Tufnell park
  • 19th April – Paris, France
  • 21st April – Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • 22nd April – Berlin, Germany
  • 2nd June – Barcelona, Spain
  • 17th September 2021- Chicago, US at Riot Fest

If you want to buy the tickets for the concerts then click here.

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