Betty Kaunda Funeral – Kenneth Kaunda Children And Family

Who Is Betty Kaunda? Know About Kenneth Kaunda Wife

Who Is Betty Kaunda? Know About Kenneth Kaunda Wife

The government of Zambia provided a befitting funeral to Betty Kaunda. Here’s everything you must know about Kenneth Kaunda’s wife.

Betty Kaunda was the First Lady of Zambia from 1964 to 1991. Interestingly, she is the first ever to hold the position.

Locally, people used to call her the Mother of Zambia. Her professional work started as a teacher, but her career took a turn for good.

Everything To Know About Betty Kaunda Funeral

The officials performed Betty Kaunda’s funeral based on Christian practices.

According to Chronicle, the priest performed her rites at the Cathedral of Holy Cross. Many diplomats and state officials from all over the world had attended her memoir.

The entire nation mourned her death on September 18, 2012. However, her burial was done ten days later, on September 28.

Moreover, the government had provided a public holiday to mourn her. Also, TV and radio stations dedicated hymns during their morning and evening shows.

As per Wikipedia, she breathed for the last time in Harare. Reportedly, she was on her visit to her daughter.

Betty had had diabetes for many years. Most probably, her cause of death was due to the effects of diabetes.

Meet Kenneth Kaunda Wife

Betty Kaunda had been in the highlight since she became Kenneth Kaunda‘s wife.

The couples tied the knot in 1946. At that time, Kenneth was heavily involved in the freedom struggle.

During the time, he was captured by the colonial administration. Nevertheless, he never stopped loving his wife and even sent her a letter from prison.

Betty admits that her husband’s letters were a source of strength for her. She never left their home in Chilenje as instructed by Kenneth.

Her Children And Family

Betty Kaunda took charge of her eight children and the Kaunda family after her husband’s imprisonment.

Now, she is survived by further 30 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren. Reportedly, she had died at the age of 83.

We can find her obituary all over the internet. Even after nine years of her death, Zambians still remember her valuable works.

On June 17, 2021, Kenneth lost his life at the age of 97. According to President Edgar Lungu, the nation will have 21 days of national mourning.

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