Bridget Achieng Viral Video & Photos Exposed

Bridget Achieng Viral Video & Photos Exposed – Did She Commit Suicide?

Bridget Achieng Viral Video & Photos Exposed – Did She Commit Suicide?

Bridget Achieng viral video and photos are circulating all over social media. Is she dead? Here are details related to her.

Bridget is an actress and influencer. She is considered to be one of the controversial actresses who is known for Nairobi Diaries.

The actress has been reported to be dead as of Monday, June 2021. Here are some major details related to her. 

Bridget Achieng Viral Video

Bridget Achieng is all over social media after her viral video.

Reports say that her videos were shared by a pimp who had flown her to Lagos after a misunderstanding.

The video was taken in a hotel room where she had met a client to provide escort services.

Her Photos Exposed

Bridget Achieng’s photos were also exposed on Twitter.

It is said that one of her frenemies is responsible for ruining her name.

She says that the person is her ex-roommate in Nigeria.

Before her viral photographs, Achieng also informed her fans of her receiving blackmail from her rivals for a couple of days in a row.

She then went to say that the wrongdoers would be caught and action will be taken against them.

Additionally, she also named Edgar Obare, had also been linked to the videos.

Did She Commit Suicide?

Bridget Achieng is said to have committed suicide.

Although, the official reason for her death has never been made public.

The source says that the influencer has killed herself while at home on Monday morning.

Yet another source reveals that she makes frequent trips to Nigeria to peddle flesh.

In a recent interview, the actress also mentioned that she loves Nigeria on how they help each other and how Kenyans have destroyed her life.

Who Is Bridget Achieng? Wikipedia

Bridget Achieng is a popular Nigerian actress and influencer.

Her real name is Lucy Achieng Okoth.

She has no Wikipedia on her name.

Bridget is not married. But she is the mother of one child.

She achieved her fame from the reality show Nairobi Diaries.

As of now, she is active on the Instagram platform. However, her verified account has been kept private.

The profile is under the username “@bridgetachieng.” Until now, the account has more than 195 thousand followers.

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