Clemens Gabriel and His Family

Expedition To The Edge Discovery TV Show Cast: Clemens Gabriel and His Family

Expedition To The Edge Discovery TV Show Cast: Clemens Gabriel and His Family

Expedition To The Edge is a thrilling series that centers around the expeditions of a family of the Northwest Passage.

The show will follow the previous quest of Captain Clemens Gabriel from 2018, who along with his family, including his daughters, set out to sail through one of the most treacherous nautical sea routes in the world in a dangerous 8-month journey that would become this family’s greatest adventure.

While the family navigates the perilous seas, the show will focus on the dangers both outside and inside the ship that threatens them.

Discovery: Expedition To The Edge Release Date

The show will be released on Sunday, August 23 at 9 pm ET/PT on Discovery. Online viewers can get the show straight from their Discovery Go app. 

Expedition To The Edge Discovery TV Show: Cast

The whole show centers around Clemens Gabriel and his family and their adventure. 

Clemens Gabriel

He was born Clemens Gabriel Oestreich in Switzerland and is a world-famous explorer. As a matter of fact, he has been moving around the globe since he was an infant. He also went on a journey with his family just a few years later.  

The star ran away from home when he was 13 and started traveling since then he has gone on countless adventures. He had been to almost the end of the world when he was in his 20’s. 

Clemens has always had a lot of adventures and describes himself as one of the most passionate people when it comes to traveling. 

Areti Gabriel

Areti Gabriel is a dancer from Germany who met Clemens when he was in his early 20s. They had been together for a while and the pair were considered what some tabloids have described as the ‘most adventurous’ couple of all time because they have traveled all over the world together. 

After a decade of marriage and two kids, the two called it quits and divorced. 

Sage Livingston

After this, he met Sage Livingston. He met her while on one of his expeditions in Hawaii.  She is a native of Cody, Wyoming and she, like her husband, left home to travel the world. 

It is this wanderlust that connected them as a couple and made their bond stronger. In addition to their love for each other, they also share a deep love for mother nature and all of the different adventures it has to offer. 

As of 2020, the couple has been together for more than 6 years. She is the glue of the family and takes care of their family as well as their ship. 

She is also an artist and painted the whole inside of the Infinity ship with her intricate artworks. 

Clemens’s Children

His first child was Aljoscha, whom he adopted when Clemens was 21 years old. The father-son duo has sailed all over Central America together.

He also has 2 kids with his first wife, Ronja, and Ruben. he took care of them on his own after they split. Ronja and Ruben are enrolled in a school in Germany. 

The star also has 2 kids with his second and current wife as of August 2020, Rhian and Chloe. 


The show will follow Clemens and his family as they try to sail through the Northwest Passage. They have no training and are not funded by any third party. 

The Captain will lead his family into the unknown and try to solve the mysteries of the sea. They will also have to fix some technical malfunctions in the ship and overcome many hardships that they face along the way. Clemens’ crew are inexperienced but they have a lot of heart.

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