Conservative Hype House Vs Republican Hype House: Members

TikTok: Conservative Hype House Vs Republican Hype House: Members

TikTok: Conservative Hype House Vs Republican Hype House: Members

The Conservative Hype House TikTok is a group of Hype House members striving to spread the word of conservatism, liberty, and supports the right-wing political party.

TikTok is mostly filled with people of Generation Z and stereotypically, most of them are more of a left-wing penchant. But everything has two sides and apparently, TikTok also has equally popular content creators who support conservatism and are basically pro-trump. 

You all might have heard about the collab house, TikTok Hype House group, whose members post various creative contents on TikTok by working together with fellow TikTokers while spending time in their LA-based mansion named Hype House. This group was founded for the motive of increasing their video-content creating efficiency.

With over 18.5 million followers on TikTok, Hype House is surely one of the top TikTok groups, and its members are popular for their awesome dance, lip-syncing, and other creative videos.

So from this Hype House group, who started Conservative Hype House TikTok and Republican Hype House TikTok? Who are the members of these political Hype House TikTok groups? Here in this article, we have answered all your possible questions about the Conservative Hype House and Republican Hype House TikTok and its members.

What is Conservative Hype House TikTok?

The Conservative Hype House is a TikTok group formed by some handful of creators who are the members of TikTok Hype House. This group is led by the popular Hype House member,  Cameron Higby. 


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The video-contents on this TikTok page is mostly about the right-wing view of current political events which contradicts some of the left-wing policies.

Since the TikTok group members are all from America, their contents are basically the debate over the top two major political parties of the US i.e., Democrats and Republicans.

Conservative Hype House members are the supporters of right-wing (Republic party) and Trump and they frequently use their page to defend over the currently happening events like second amendment policies, police support movement, and anti-mask campaign. The page advocates their followers to vote for Trump in the upcoming election in 2020.


May I help you? Creator: @tophertownmusic

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Furthermore, there is also the merchandise of this group’s official website like Got Liberty shirts, Looters LivesDont Matter shirts, Come take it Shirts, and 0% leftists apparel.

Who are the members of the Conservative Hype House?

As mentioned already, the leading man of the group Conservative Hype House is Cameron Higby.

According to their official website, the main members of the group include the following TikTok creators:

  • Cameron Higby
  • Violet Magic Sin
  • Topher
  • Tyler Bluntman
  • Pastor Greg Locke
  • Zoba

Apart from these key members, other conservative Hype House members also make appearances in the TikTok videos of the page.

What is The Republican Hype House on TikTok?

The Republican Hype House is also similar to the Conservative Hype House. This page also strives to bring the youth of TikTok into the modern-day conservatism.

This republican Hype House is led by TikTok creators Aubrey and Christian.

Much like the Conservative Hype House, the Republican Hype House also breaks the common belief that younger people from Gen Z are more liberal. They share comedy video series as well as intellectual argumentative content to put their conservative views to appeal to the youth of the US.


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Who are the Republican Hype House Members?

According to their official website, the Republican Hype House consists of 14 members among which the young creators Aubrey Moore, Christian Di Cesare, and Connor Wickless are the main members who started the page.


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Conservative Hype House vs Republican Hype House

Although both the TikTok groups support conservatism, liberty, and the right-wing political party, there are some differences between these two groups. Technically speaking, the Republican Hype House is older than the Conservative Hype House.

However, as TikTok started becoming more popular for political discussions just like other social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, the Conservative Hype House became much more popular on TikTok even though it’s new. The contents and members of the Conservative Hype House are also more popular comparatively. 

There are over 1.5 million followers and 55 million likes on the Conservative HypeHouse TikTok account while the republican Hype House has around 25.6 million likes and 820,000 followers as of August 2020.




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