Craig Kelly Staffer Wikipedia Bio and Family

Frank Zumbo Wife: Everything To Know On Craig Kelly Staffer

Frank Zumbo Wife: Everything To Know On Craig Kelly Staffer

Frank Zumbo and his wife have kept their married life out of the limelight. No wonder, he likes to keep things low-key.

Although, he could do nothing with the recent headlines surrounding the allegations.

Frank is the senior governmental staffer currently under investigation after several women claimed he behaved inappropriately with them. Zumbo still works at the office of Liberal MP Craig Kelly even though he is under investigation.

The allegations surfaced after Brittany Higgins claimed that she was raped inside the Parliament House. The case raised many questions about the workplace culture and behavior towards women in the Parliament House.

Craig Kelly Staffer Wikipedia Bio

Frank Zumbo is yet to have a Wikipedia page dedicated to him. One can read about Frank Zumbo and his bio on a couple of Wiki-bio pages.

Frank is Liberal MP Craig Kelly’s, right-hand man. He is also Kelly’s longtime office manager who has been working with Kelly for over a decade.

In December 2014, two staff members of the Sydney Federal MP’s office revealed that they were bullied by Frank Zumbo.

According to, Frank Zumbo is under investigation for behaving inappropriately towards a teenage girl who used to work at the office. The police are still investigating all the claims that were made against Zumbo.

He still works at the office and has denied all the allegations. 

Do Craig and his wife have any Children? Meet his Family

The name of Frank Zumbo’s wife is still private. Frank rarely talks about the details of his marital life or the name of his wife to the media.

The details about Frank Zumbo’s children and family are private as well. 

Frank Zumbo was a professor at UNSW

Frank Zumbo is a former associate professor at the UNSW. He worked at the School of Business Law and Taxation at UNSW.

Frank’s articles are present on the newsroom of UNSW’s website

Frank Zumbo joined Twitter in May 2015 and has 329 tweets as of February 2021. Zumbo was last active on the platform in January 2019, when he retweeted an image from Sutherland Library.

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