Does She Have Cancer? 2019

Does Rose Namajunas Have Cancer? Why Did She Shave Her Head?

Does Rose Namajunas Have Cancer? Why Did She Shave Her Head?

Rose Namajunas with Hair is one of the most searched topics on google about Rose Namajunas. The UFC player has been sporting a semi-bald look for the majority of her career. 

People have not seen her in long hair since 2015 after she decided to chop off her hair in December.  Some fans speculate that she has cancer.

Rose is an American mixed martial artist born on June 29, 1992 (age 28 years). She is the two-time UFC Women’s Strawweight World Champion. 

Rose has been playing for Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) since 2013.

Rose Namajunas With Hair

Rose looks like a total supermodel with her hair. If you are wondering how she looks with her hair, here is a Reddit conversation on the topic. 

However, she looks badass in her bald look. She seems to rock both styles. Some fans prefer her with hair while others prefer her bald look.

Why did Rose Namajunas shave her head?

Rose shaved her head in December 2015. She decided to chop off her hair to make sure nothing interferes with her fighting profession. 

Rose took on to Instagram to show her bald look with a caption on her photo that read ” It’s a fight, not a beauty pageant”. She continued to say her hair came on her way at practice so she chopped it off.

Women fighters in the UFC are mostly seen in tight braids to avoid any disturbances on their fight. However, few dedicated fighters like Rose choose to go bald. 

She has been bald for nearly 6 years now and does not seem to regret her decision.

Does She Have Cancer?

No, Rose does not have cancer. 

However, following her success at UFC 251 against Jessica Andrade last year, she announced to donate for a cancer victim.

The UFC’s make-up artist Suzy Friton is currently undergoing treatment for cancer. Rose auctioned her fight kit at an event to raise some money and handed it to Suzy for her treatment.


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