Duncan Hunter Wikipedia Bio, Age And Net Worth: Crime And Charges

Duncan Hunter Wikipedia Bio: Everything You Need To Know

Duncan Hunter Wikipedia Bio: Everything You Need To Know

Duncan Duane Hunter is an American politician born on December 7, 1976, in San Diego, California. From 2013 to 2020, he served as a U.S. Representative for California’s 50th congressional district. He is also a pardoned felon. Hunter is also a U.S. Marines combat veteran
After his father, Duncan Hunter Sr., decided to not seek re-election in the 50th congressional district, Hunter was elected to Congress in 2009 for the first time.  He had held the seat for 10 years after his father till his resignation in 2019. Hunter and his wife, Margaret Hunter faced 60 federal charges of alleged misuse of campaign funds. In August 2020, Margaret was sentenced to three years probation and eight months home confinement. On December 22, 2020, Ducan Hunter was pardoned by President Donald Trump.

Name Duncan Hunter
Birthday December 7,1976
Age 44
Gender Male
Nationality American
Profession Politician
Parents Helynn Louise, Duncan Lee Hunter
Net Worth -$60,000
Wife Margaret Hunter
Education San Diego State University

10 Facts About Duncan Hunter

  1. Duncan Hunter is the son of Helynn Louise and Duncan Lee Hunter, an American politician and his current age is 44 years old.
  2. He went to San Diego State University, where he earned a B.S. in information systems in 2001.
  3. During college, Ducan started a web design company with a friend and after graduating, he worked in San Diego as an information technology business analyst.
  4. Duncan has a well maintained Wikipedia profile and according to it, his full name is Duncan Duane Hunter.  
  5. Hunter served three combat tours, one in Afganistan and two in Iraq after he joined the U.S. Marines in 2005.
  6. Ducan was among the first military veterans to serve in Afghanistan and Iraq and then be elected to Congress, Stars and Stripes reported.
  7. Ducan Hunter’s net worth was estimated to be -$60000 by LA Times.
  8. He’s a huge Trump supporter who has embraced President Donald Trump and his policies on the U.S.-Mexico border and taxes.
  9. Hunter married Polish-born Margaret Jankowski in 1998 and they have three children.
  10. Ducan Hunter had spent the majority of the campaign funds on extramarital affairs which included congressional staff and lobbyists from 2009-2016 according to the Federal Prosecutors.
  11. Ducan Hunter was sentenced to 11 months in prison on March 17, 2020, which was scheduled to begin in January 2021.


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