Ellie Ball Absolutely Ascot, Age, Married, Husband, Instagram

Ellie Ball

Ellie Ball

Ellie Ball is a TV star who appears on the reality TV show named ‘Absolutely Ascot’. The show premiered in 2018 and was very successful. Ellie was the youngest cast of the show aged only 18 at that time. 

She appeared alongside her boyfriend Michael on the show and she recently gave birth to her son who is also named Michael John Sines after his father. She was one of the most popular cast on ‘Absolutely Ascot’ and she appeared to be very humorous. To know more about Ellie, take a look at the 10 facts below.

Name Ellie Ball
Age 19
Gender Female
Nationality English
Ethnicity White
Profession Actress
Married/Single Single
Children 1
Instagram ellieball_new

10 Facts on Ellie Ball

  1. Ellie Ball was born and raised in Ascot, England, and holds the English Nationality. She belongs to white ethnicity.
  2. She recently gave birth to her son whose name is Michael Jone Sines.
  3. She is in a relationship with little Michael’s father whose name is also Michael. Michael and Ellie haven’t been married and he hasn’t become her husband yet.
  4. She gave birth to her son on February 22nd, 2019 and he is almost 2 years as of 2020.
  5. She is the daughter of Emma Ball and John Ball. Her mother Emma also appears on the show ‘Absolutely Ascot’
  6. Ellie is only 19 years old and she was the youngest cast of ‘Absolutely Ascot’. She describes herself as ‘bit of a diva’.
  7. Ellie is extremely famous on Instagram with a whopping 67k followers. She frequently shares pictures of her son and her personal life on the platform.
  8. She has her own business. She sells Ketone drinks which are supposed to help people lose their weight. She actively promotes her brand on Instagram.
  9. The reality TV star is not active on other social media sites such as Twitter and TikTok.
  10. Ellie is extremely wealthy and lives a glamourous life. However, she hasn’t shared details regarding her net worth with the public.

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