Eva Loeffler- Ludwig Guttmann Daughter Age, Wikipedia And Husband

Who Is Ludwig Guttmann Daughter Eva Loeffler? Everything To Know

Who Is Ludwig Guttmann Daughter Eva Loeffler? Everything To Know

Eva Loeffler is the daughter of Ludwig Guttman. At the age of 88 she is still taking on her father legacy. Learn about her Wikipedia and husband.

Professor Ludwig Guttman was a legend who started the Paralympic games. This game was a source of inspiration and a ray of hope for disabled people.

He himself was a doctor. Escaping from German soldiers and risking the life he had founded Stoke Mandeville. He passed away in 1980, and now Eva is taking on the legacy which he had started.

Eva Loffler, along with her brother who is also a doctor, has contributed a lot to their father’s dream.

Eva Loeffler Age

Eva Loeffler’s age is now 88 years old.

She was born in the year 1933. Her birthday is not available on the internet. In an interview with The Olympians, she had mentioned, she was 6 years old in 1939, her father would go to the Stoke Mandeville for weeks.

Eva Loeffler Wikipedia

Eva Loeffler is not listed on Wikipedia yet.

She is medical professional volunteering in Paralympic games, which was founded in 1948 by her father.

Eva was born in German Empire, now Poland. Later her family was moved to England to escape the Nazi soldiers.

She was born in a Jewish family. Their religion became a trouble for her family. Despite the trouble caused by Second World War, her father was able to achieve his dreams. He founded Stoke Mandeville, which established Paralympic games.

This was the greatest contribution for disabled persons. Now, his daughter is handling the foundation even at her old age.

Eva Loeffler Husband and Family

There is not much information about Eva’s husband is found on the internet.

However, she has mentioned him lots of times in her interviews. Her husband has helped her a lot in her struggling days.

Talking about her family, she is the daughter of a great professor, Sir Ludwig Guttman. Her mother’s name is Else Samuel Guttmann. She has a brother named Dennis, who is also a doctor. Her brother also helped her to achieve what her father had dreamed of years ago.

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