Where Is Jacque Pelley Now? Jeff Pelley Sister And Family Today

Jeff Pelley Sister Today: Where Is Jacque Pelley Now?

Jeff Pelley Sister Today: Where Is Jacque Pelley Now?

Where Is Jacque Pelley Now? Jeff Pelley sister lives with her husband and family today. Know about her case update.

Jacque and Jeff Pelly are siblings. Jeff was arrested and charged with the brutal murder of their parents and family.

Where Is Jacque Pelley Now? Case Update

Jacque Pelley is now in Florida.

Pelly is still insisting on the innocence of her brother Jeff. In fact, she believes Jeff was not given the justice he deserved. 

To point out, Jacque has been quoted saying her brother was the victim of political influence. Also, she hinted the untidy work of the police caused Jeff to suffer injustice.

On the other hand, Jacque’s brother Jeff is now serving his jail sentence. He was sentenced to 160 years in prison, which means 40 years for each murder. Jeff is in the Wabash Vally Correctional Facility today. As a matter of fact, his case is in court as of now. He is still working his way out of the prison.

Similarly, Jacque reportedly created a website named Justice for Jeff to seek justice for her brother. Also, she has always stood by him in all of the appeals he has made so far.

Jacque Pelley: Jeff Pelley Sister And Family

Jacque Pelley is Jeff Pelley’s sister.

The Pelley family included Robert Pelley, his wife Dawn, and their children. Actually, Dawn was Jacque’s stepmother. She had two stepsisters named Janel and Jolene.

Pelley’s parents were shot with a shotgun in April 1989. The prosecutors believe her brother Jeff had killed them all as a result of an argument over prom plans.

Jacque, Jeff, and Jessi were the only survivors in the family after the brutal shooting. In fact, Jessi is Dawn’s daughter from her previous marriage. Bob and Dawn had married in 1985.

Jacque Pelley Age and Wikipedia

Jacque Pelley’s age is 45 years old now.

Pelley was 14 years old when she lost her family. Her brother Jeff was 17 years of age back then. 

Besides, Jacque is not on Wikipedia as of now. The story of her family was covered in 48 Hours Live to Tell: Murder on Prom Night.

Jacque Pelley Husband: Is She Married?

Jacque has a husband which means she is married.

Also, she is a mother by now. She lives with hr husband and family in Florida.

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